Oriflame Pure Skin Clarifying Scrub + Purifying Mask – Review!

Good afternoon gals!I am reviewing Oriflame’s Pure Skin Clarifying Scrub + Purifying Mask today in this post.

The clarifying scrub & purifying mask come in individual sachets & are always sold together.

Image courtesy: Oriflame

Price: INR 79 for two 6 ml. sachets


The scrub comes in a white sachet while the mask comes in a blue one.

The packaging has been designed keeping in mind that these can be taken along during travel easily & for one-time use.

What the product claims:

  • Deep cleansing
  • Blemish exfoliant
  • With salicylic acid

The way I see it:

1. Clarifying Scrub

The scrub is a brilliant blue shade with dark blue beads in it that act as exfoliants.

The scrub is creamy in texture & the beads are smaller in size too.

Upon application, one immediately gets a cooling sensation on the face.

The beads are mild on the skin & I don’t think they would help much in exfoliation.

The smell is also a little acidic owing to ‘salicylic acid’ present in the scrub.

It did the job of scrubbing decently, nevertheless not a great exfoliant.

One sachet contents are good for a single use.

2. Purifying Mask

The mask is also creamier in texture – more creamier than the scrub.

It is also of the same blue color as the scrub and also has the distinct pungent or ‘acidic’ smell to it.

It glides easily on the skin upon application and dries quickly too – in say 10 minutes.

The mask gets rid of any oil on the face & imparts a subtle glow to it.

The glow is short-lived though & vanishes in around 4 hrs.

There is a little more product than required for a single use in the mask, but not enough for a second use.

Overall, both the clarifying scrub & purifying mask are average products. Might suit combination/oily skin the most since salicylic acid helps to keep acne at bay.

The ‘Yes’ factors:

  • Single use sachets
  • Travel friendly
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Ideal for teens/college-goers
  • Will suit combination or oily skin better
The ‘Nay’ factors:
  • Mild beads are not great exfoliants
  • Pungent smell in the products is a put-off
  • Available only through Oriflame representatives
HnB rating: 3/5
Recommend? – Oily skinned people can give it a try – only if u can bear the mild pungent smell.

Your thoughts here...

Your thoughts here...