October’13 Empties

Hey gals…

Taking to blogging slowly after a break for close to a month… Bestowed with a baby boy recently & loving my ‘mama’ phase for now! 😀

Was totally clueless about what to post for a comeback here & decided upon doing an empties article here.

So, this is all I emptied over October….

1. Streetwear Nail Enamel Remover

The disastrous, good-for-nothing, does-nothing nail enamel remover I have ever come across! Had to empty half the bottle to remove paints from one hand!

Ditched it out & swore never to pick this one again… Not sure how other Streetwear products are..this was my first!

Repurchase – Hell-NO!

2. L’occitane Cherry Blossom Hand & Nail Cream

A gift from Renji amongst other stuff! 😀

Its of 10g sample size & smells good (though I am not a fan of L’occitane’s Cherry Blossom range) & instantly moisturizes the skin.. did decently well on my dry cuticles too!

Ideal for day use since it sinks into the skin without being greasy… this reminds me that I have to dish out my L’occitane Cherry Blossom Shower Gel from somewhere at the bottom of my vanity & finish it off soon!

Repurchase – Nay!

3. Avon Footworks Berry & Vanilla Moisturizing Foot Cream

A pink cream that smells of freshly made strawberry yoghurt! The fragrance is total love with mild to dismissable vanilla scent… a decent moisturizer at it too!

Has mineral oil high up in the ingredients list… and my dry skin needed much better hydration than what this could offer!

Repurchase – May be something else from Avon?!

4. Patanjali Rose Water

This was an impulsive purchase after reading so many rave reviews on this product.

To me it was another big miss… it smelled strange… that of rotten roses probably? Actually it carried a burnt kinda smell.. that totally didn’t refresh my senses… me being an ardent ‘anything-rose’ lover! Sigh!!!

Managed to chuck this off by mixing in face packs & masks. I shall stick to Fabindia Rose Water…. but its biggest issue is OOS most of the time…

Repurchase – Never!

5. H2O Restorative Eye Cream

One of those random samples from the so-called beauty sampling from Vellvette.

It was an okay-dokay cream for me… moisturized my eye area well. The size was too small to decide on picking the bigger tube 🙁

6. Premier Dead Sea Minerals Moisturizer & Eye Serum (Not pictured here)

Two sample tubes that I got along with my Premier Dea Sea Minerals Nail Beautifying Kit.

The eye serum glided into my skin well & instantly smoothened my eye area..something that I loved! I didn’t like the fragrance of the other cream that much, so ditched it after couple of uses.

7. Maxfactor Masterpiece Mascara

Another product from my Vellvette subscription. Without doubt turned out to be awful yet again!

The mascara had dried up already.. couldn’t use it at all & there goes another product (along with some blood-stained bucks of mine!) into the bin… Ever grateful to Vellvette!

That’s it for the empties last month! What all did u manage to finish off?

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  • I keep telling anyone who'll listen that ALL the mascara they sent had dried up. And the LA Splash liner as well. Who listens to a single word I say? A Lip Factory liner had dried up and they sent replacements immediately to everyone who complained. Compare that!

Your thoughts here...