O3+ Derma Fresh Face Mask

I love using face masks – at the same time I am lazy to use them too! Battling this irony, I keep looking for new face masks in various brands to try and upkeep my skin 🙂

Reviewing one such face mask from the brand O3+ today – Derma Fresh Mask!

PRICE – INR 385 for 50 g.

INGREDIENTS – Refer to picture below.


The O3+ Derma Fresh Mask enriched with brightening and calming properties, helps in detoxifying and refreshing facial skin.

Available @ O3+ Official Website


This mask comes in a handy tube which is convenient to use and carry. The classic white, minimalist packaging stands out among other busy and colorful product labels.

The product is a pale yellow transparent gel with crystallized texture and has a powdery-floral fragrance.

It gives a cooling effect once applied. Being a transparent gel, you need not worry about freaking out someone with your masked face 😀

The mask dries off quickly in about 10-15 minutes. It is also easy to wash off and does not feel slimy or sticky for a gel-based product.

Immediate results of using this mask include brightened and glowing skin. My facial skin also feels quite hydrated, where most masks leave my skin stretchy and with dry patches after a use. The brightening effect is short-lived though.

I have not encountered breakouts or any other skin issues using this product. This mask is best suited for normal – dry skinned like me in my opinion.

I reach out to this face mask whenever my skin is overtly dry and thirsty after a whole day of sitting inside an air-condtioned space. Typically, I use this mask twice a week. One tube of this mask will last a month or a little more with twice a week regular usage.

If you are looking for a refreshing face mask that hydrates well and is also convenient to use – give this O3+ Derma Fresh Face Mask a try for sure!

PR Sample.

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