NYX Slim Eye Pencil in Sapphire – Review!

Heyya beauties..I am bac! (Rowdy Rathore style! :D)

Today I wanted to review NYX Slim Eye Pencil in shade – Sapphire.

I picked this pencil from Cherryculture along with few other NYX stuff.


USD 3.50 (Available on discount throughout the year)

I got mine @ 40% off.

Costlier in India though!

Ingredients: Listed on the pencil body.


Its the usual one… black pencil body with a black plastic lid.. color coded at the pencil bottom with that of the shade.

Non-messy to travel with.

What the product claims:

For beautiful defined eyes use these long wearing pencils. They are slim and easy to work with. Each shade can be worn over or under eyeshadow or layered for dramatic color combination.

Try adding white shade at the inner corner of your eyes to create attention.
The way I see it:
As mentioned earlier, the pencil is sturdy enough to be carried along & is totally non-messy.
The bottom color-coding helps in identifying the shade u want – in case you store them topsy-turvy.
This shade “Sapphire” is a beautiful blue, that goes with the name.
The lead looks matte in the pencil, but on application it has a nice shine to it & has a metallic effect.
There are no shimmers in the pencil, making it suitable for everyday wear & for office too.
The shade stays put on my upper eye-lids for 6-7 hrs. easily before it starts fading. With an eye primer, I found it to last for around 10 hrs.
On my waterline, it fades in say 2 hrs. (No product seems to stay put on my waterline.. never mind this!)
The product is creamy & glides on the skin perfectly.. though one swipe of this pencil is not enough for desired color.
Atleast 2 swipes are needed to get the actual sapphire blue shade out there in your eyes..
I just wish the pigmentation was a little more better.. nevertheless I am happy with this product for now from the shade perspective.
It is not smudge-proof.. one swipe is enough to get rid of the product.. check out the below pic..
Though over the upper lids it isnt much of a problem for me..
It is waterproof to an extent but nevertheless doesn’t require much of an effort to have it removed.
Overall, it is a decent pencil with amazing shades to choose from, not smudge-proof at all, mildly water-proof…
Here is an EOTD for you all..
The ‘Yes’ factors:
  • Amazing shade selection
  • Cheaper if purchased in the US
  • Creamy & glides easily on the skin
  • Stays put for 7-8 hrs. easily on the upper eye lids
  • No shimmers
  • Ideal for waterline too
  • Suitable for office/everyday wear
The ‘Nay’ factors:
  • Not smudge-proof
  • Not water-proof
  • Pigmentation could have been a little more better
  • Pricier in Indian rupees
  • Sharpening leads to product wastage
  • Cannot draw thin lines
HnB rating: 3.5/5
Recommend? – You would love the shades they got.. they got pink, red & various browns too. Check out the available shades HERE.
Not a must have… good only for your upper eyelids!

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    • thanku so much Lee 😀 <3

      My order reached me in 2 weeks time safely to Hyderabad…

      but another order of mine got lost intransit to Chennai.. Cherryculture mentioned that it is with Chennai customs pending for clearance… i lost around 2000 bucks in tat order.. nothing worked with the customs even when i was ready to pay taxes..

      cherryculture service is good.. but problem is with our custom guys.. depends how good they are in ur city babes..

      wait for cherryculture's 40% offer… 🙂

    • oh my gosh so cherryculture didnt refund u for that?? 😮

      till now i havent faced any issues with delhi customs thankfully..ohh they're gonna have 40% off? damn!! now i wish i hadnt placed my order with porkdaisy today 🙁

    • nopes.. they did not refund.. i was foolish enuf to choose shipping without tracking 😀

      yeah.. usually NYX comes up with around 40% off during thanksgiving/christmas/new yr… there wasn't one for black friday.. so i m just guessing its coming up soon..

      they never give free shipping.. so 40% off kinda balances with the shipping costs 🙂

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