Nyassa Morning Dew Body Mist

Hey lovelies…. Good evening! :)I received my July Vellvette box a couple of days back & had posted the pic of stuffs I got this time in FB.

These days, I tell you, there is no excitement about receiving this Vellvette box or doing a blogpost on it. Most of the subscribers tend to get the same products & then there are products that you don’t like or want in yours! Phew…

So HERE is what I got in my current month’s box.

And I m gonna talk about Nyassa Morning Dew Body Mist in this post (as the title suggests!).

First of all there is nothing ‘morning’-y or ‘dew’-y about this mist. Let’s rather call it a ‘mist’ake! 😀

The liquid is an ice-cool blue.. soothing to look at. And all the good things about this mist ends right there! 🙂

It smells of some random men’s shaving cream or after-shave cologne..atleast to my olfactory.

To top it up, the fragrance just lingers for an hour flat – what a feat! 😀

Only thing to my glee, about this mist is, the glass container is upcyclable.

I mean u can simply throw away this useless mist, wash off all its ‘goodness’ in running water & fill in your favorite ‘good’ body/face mist, perfume, toner or simply rose water.

I just did that – I poured one of my perfume samples into it – Fragonard Violette Eau de Toilette, since its a sizable quantity that didn’t come with a spray.

So, what are you upto with your Nyassa mist?

Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...