Nyassa Cafe Noir Handmade Soap

Hey lovelies…

Reviewing an awesome bathing bar from the house of Nyassa this time – Nyassa Cafe Noir Handmade Soap.

Price & Ingredients:

What the product claims:

The way I see it:

The bar is quite huge & a little bulky too. I would suggest cutting this into 2 pieces to use comfortably.

It smells of fresh coffee which uplifts the senses. The fragrance is subtle & not overpowering.. so sensitive noses need not bother if it would be too much sweet for them.

It lathers really well and doesn’t melt away with water. It should last more than a month easily even with twice a day usage.

While coffee is known for its anti-aging benefits, activated charcoal as one of the main ingredients is simply a bonus, which is known to draw out impurities from deep within the skin.

Infact it actually smells like “Cafe Frappe” to me… milky & fresh! 😀 And I am simply sold to this bar.

It ain’t drying on the skin thankfully & cleans the skin well. It washes off easily too without any slippery feeling behind.

Once you are outta the shower, there is no coffee aroma on the skin, to indulge your senses in. (I just rhymed! 😀 )

Overall, I like this “black beauty” totally for that creamy, milky frappe fragrance it has – but just wished its coffee aroma lingered on my skin after each shower! 🙂

*PR Sample, Unbiased review*

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