Hearty welcome to Christina! :D

Hello everyone…We have a new writer in the blog!!!!! :drum-rolls:

Please put your hands to welcome, our very own Christina.

So all you readers out there, get some respite from my blog posts.. since Chris is here to add fresh flavor πŸ™‚

Christina is both a women’s and animal’s rights activist. Her blog is a small contribution to these causes.

She started it to bring to light the abuse that Indian women face at home, but keep silent about.
She also wants to highlight the sad plight of Mumbai’s abused stray dogs.
You can check out more of her articles atΒ http://christinascorner.in/
She firmly believes that – “No woman deserves to live in fear. There is help…always.”
Noble thoughts & deeds Chris! Kudos to you!
Once again please welcome Christina heartily to HnB, everyone! πŸ™‚

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