My Nail Paint Haul

Hey all..I am gonna post about my recent nail paints haul this time.  I am an avid makeup lover as you all know already.. also a serious nail paint lover too…

I love applying different and bright shades and keep trying a variety of intriguing colors on my nails.

I am not trying even remotely to show off what all I bought and use in this post or in this blog.. this is just a platform to share each others passion, know what products to buy and not, etc.

So jumping straight away into the subject of concern… following are the nail paints I bought from which is one of the best online shopping portal with quick, reliable service and great packaging and handling.

Colorlife is a new brand launched on Urbantouch at dirt cheap prices with an inquisitive range of colors available. So just couldn’t resist myself from picking a few from that brand.

Colorlife & Elle 18 nail enamels also do not carry any shade names but only numbers. So the ‘creative’ me has baptized them with quirky names.. ;p


Following are the shades I purchased (clockwise):

  • Street Wear Color Rich Nail Enamel in Bronzed – INR 45

This shade is ideal for daily wear and for parties too. Two coatings give the desired bronze look though single coating gives a faded gold shade.

  • Colorlife Nail Color Shade #231 (Bubbly purple) – INR 25

Cute purple shade with a tint of pink hue in it. This double tone is a big hit with me and is just GLAM!

  • Colorlife Nail Color Shade #223 (Pink paws) – INR 25

Funky, girly pink which just brightens up my mood everytime I just see this bottle only! Simple, all-time hit pink.

Below pic has the following shades (clockwise):

  • Faces Nail Enamel in Pearl Yellow (Shade #05) – INR 90

I have always wanted to buy a yellow shade for my nails and just loved this shade from Faces with a pearl finish to it. Not to bright for the eye yet not very subtle.. just right there!

Gets all the attraction your nails ever wanted.. 🙂

  • Elle 18 Nail Pops in Shade # 51 (Blush Me Pink) – INR 50

Neonish pink in a single coat and give a bubble gum pink hue if applied as a double coat. Goes with well all kinda dresses and shades.

  • Maybelline Colorama Cremoso in Black – INR 85

My all time favorite shade – Simply black. Have not used one since college and had to pick this up.

The next pic has the following shades:
Top: Colorlife Nail Color in Shade # 259 (Bang on blue) – INR 25
An electric shade which looks like purple in just one coat and is kind of a royal blue shade in two coats.
This is the only nail paint I felt is a spoiler in my haul. I am still hunting for some electric & bright blue.
Bottom: Colorlife Nail Color in Shade # 53 (Grenade Green) – INR 25
Healthy green – simple and shiny. Looks beautiful on the toes! 🙂
The shades look more beautiful in real than what they looked in the website or in these pictures… ;p
Are you too passionate about  nail paints like me and keep trying different shades??
Let me know through your comments! 🙂

Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...