My Experience @ Kathiawar Stores – Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Last Saturday, after my spa life @ Spa La Vie by L’occitane, I and my bestie Renji headed to Kathiawar Stores in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

For those who are not from Hyderabad, Kathiawar Stores is a multi-brand drugstore and departmental cosmetics, skincare and personal care stores akin to Health & Glow, New U outlets. They have stores in Secunderabad, Abids and Jubilee Hills in the city.

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Kathiawar Stores is the only place in Hyderabad where you can add some Kryolan products to your shopping basket. Naturally we were there for the same!

I had to do this post after paying a visit there!

In Memory Of! 😛


We directly headed to the Kryolan counter first and asked for Camouflage Creme concealers for our skin tones. We also asked them to show as Kryolan’s famous TV Paint Sticks in our shades.

The SA asked us point blank – “Do you want to see concealer or paint stick?”

We said – “Both!”

She got upset for nothing and asked another SA to help us out.

The new lady was better in explaining products and showing us stuff but was not sure which product is in stock and which is not, she was unable to get the correct shades from concealers and fixing powders to us.

Whatever product we wanted – blush palettes, translucent powder, lipsticks, lip/cheek stain were all out of stock driving me mad! But I did manage to find a gem of a product and shall be sharing the same soon in the blog.

At the end, we did manage a small jiggety-jig Kryolan haul.


I wanted to check out the newly launched Colossal colored kohls.

The SA showed me the older “Turquoise” one. Then upon enlightening her, I managed to swatch “Smoked Silver”, when the SA stuck to her stand that only this was launched and “Crushed Emerald” and “Jewelled Jade” don’t exist at all.

“Smoked Silver” didn’t impress me and we steered our way ahead!


Renji wanted to check some Rimmel lipsticks and she was swatching some on the back of her hand.

When she wanted to try the same on her lips, there was no clean lip brush available or a wet/dry wipe.

The SA was about to wipe the lipstick with some cleanser on a cotton which we promptly stopped her from.

We were already exhausted from our Kathiawar adventure, that we started to move from there when the SA stopped us.

She swiped the lipstick in round motion in the back of her hands and offered it to us for a lip trial!!! Heights! I mean HEIGHTS!

I never knew SAs were standing-moving-talking sanitizing wipes!!!! 😛

For another lipstick, we said we don’t prefer glossier ones, for which she replies “the company only manufactures like that”. Don’t we know?

At the billing counter, when we said the SAs need great “revamp”, we got only stares and no reply!

Overall, it was Kathia”war” experience for me! I don’t think I would go to this store for anything else again.

I shall try other sources for Kryolan or better live without Kryolan stuff in my kitty – but not this store again!

If someone thinks I am complaining – Yes! I AM! I should be!

Have you had similar experiences before?

Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...