My Bath & Body Works Gift!

Hello gals,I have been wanting to do this post from two days but never managed to click the pictures.

So finally presenting my Bath & Body Works (BBW) haul to you all.

This is one of the gifts from hubby for my b’day! πŸ™‚

The first gift from hubby dearest was a gold-plated mangalsutra. HERE is a post on it.

This years b’day was a blast –Β  I received so many gifts than ever before in my life! πŸ™‚

I mentioned about the BBW sale in the US & he asked me to choose my stuff. WhenΒ  I listed out, he asked his friend who was supposed to return to India to get these for me! πŸ˜€

I picked two shower gels.

Cool Citrus Basil Shower Gel from their Classics Collection & Plumeria Shower Gel.

The gels look so refreshing and transparent.

Both of them smell heavenly too. Excited to start using them! πŸ™‚

I decidedΒ  I wanted two body lotions but BBW such a huge range of fragrances & collection that it was tough time hunting for one.
Finally, Enchanted Orchid & Velvet Tuberose made it to my list – both from BBW Signature Collection.
Both of them smell out of this world. Tried a little on my hands and boy! they made my skin go baby soft in a jiffy!
Exotic fragrances – though a little strong! But I am loving them…
Next on my list was a body splash. I am already using their Sweet Pea Body Splash reviewed here.
The fragrance is pleasant and one bottle comes for years even if used regularly.
This time I picked Sheer Freesia.
Last on my cart is the Moonlight Path Volumizing Shampoo. I have already used the Moonlight Path perfume and was okay with the fragrance.
So last moment decided to pick this shampoo from the Volumizing range.
All the liquids except for the body lotions are totally clear which I totally love about BBW! πŸ™‚
Which one do you want me to review first?

Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...