My Bangles Collection!

Hey readers..Thrilled about the upcoming weekend? Watz the plan?

I was just organizing my accessories & other stuff and also setting aside what all I would need for an upcoming travel plan…. Felt i have a decent bangle collection!

Thought of sharing with you all and also get your comments & suggestions on what all I can add to my existing collection!

So, get, set, go…Beware! Its picture heavy! 🙂

Let me first show you my bangle box… This was a gift from my MIL, close to a year ago… she is too lovely that she not only gave me the bangle box for a gift.. but it was loaded with colorful bangles too! 😀

This one is a steel case with a glass top and comes with a number lock.. so that kids don’t try to mess with it in case you keep the case on your dressing table! (Now nobody can steal my bangles.yay!)

A more closeup view!
Okay.. Now some from my ethnic collection….
This is a set with jaali work… I picked this in Chennai..
Peacock motif kada with minakari work… A gift from my co-sister! 🙂
Couple of  other kadas…
This turquoise blue stone-studded bangles is for a matching silk saree..
These moti bangles suit well with anarkalis and other ethnic salwars..
I love,love the bangles with Goddess Lakshmi’s motif… its my go to bangles for Kanjeevarams..
Coming up now… few daily wear bangles/bracelets.. Actually I have misplaced quite a number of them and still in search… Shall posts those pics once i lay my hands on them..
For now enjoy these..
Minakari bangles are gift from mom along with few minakari earrings! 🙂
That pearl bracelet you see in the above pic was actually a necklace of baby pink pearls.. it ripped off and i lost some pearls.. so i had the rest of them made into a double-string bracelet.
Some wooden beads that go along with kurti and jeans/leggings..
Few other bangles for casual wear..
Hope you all liked my bangle collection! 🙂

Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...