MUA launches Pro Vanity Case!

MUA has launched their brand new Pro Vanity Case!It comes as a large silver metal beauty box designed for professional MUAs or people who want to keep their cosmetics collection organized..

More details on the box

Its a metallic case with a chrome handle. Its got hinged trays that wing out of the box, that help to store various makeup stuff.

The bottom box appears quite deep in the pictures – hoping to keep a lot of stuff in there too.

It comes with a lock too for security purpose.

Here is the dimensions as given in MUA website:

Size of Box Closed – W=13cm, H=22cm, D=19.5
Size of box fully open – W=67cm, D=40cm, H=40cm

They have not stated the weight though! 🙁

Here are more pictures of this beauty –
IMO, this box has a good number of shelves for the price, when compared to other vanity cases I have seen online & in the stores.
Wondering how much this beauty is retailed for – only GBP 25!!!! 🙂
Its already on SALE at the MUA website…!
I am just waiting for MUA’s next flash offer.. and gonna definitely pick this.
Have been checking various beauty boxes so far, nothing seemed to impress me – both in terms of looks & money.
In case you are looking for a smaller, sleeker one check out the Alfa Diana Vanity Case or VIP Compact Vanity Case.
Will you be buying a MUA vanity case?
[Image Courtesy – MUA,UK]

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Your thoughts here...