Montagne Jeunesse Volume Miracle & Ultra Shine Serum

Good evening beauties!Wanted to share about the Montagne Jeunesse Volume Miracle & Ultra Shine Serum today.

I have fine hair badly in need of volume coupled with hairfall too.

I picked this 2-in-1 product hoping this will help with some volume for my hair…. Read on to know if it worked as expected..

Price: INR 150 for 1 sachet.


What the product claims:


This sachet is divided into two compartments – one for the conditioner & the other for the serum.

I generally have an aversion towards sachets & its been quite long since I actually used one.

The biggest issue with this product would be to store/handle the open sachet safely until next use.

The way I see it:

I had a lot of expectations from this product in terms of the ‘volume miracle’ it claimed.

Trust me.. I have tried an array of ‘volumizing’ products, but nothing failed liked this one did!

I used my regular TBS Rainforest Volume Shampoo (which reminds me I have to review it soon!) & followed it up with this conditioner, instead of the TBS RF Volume conditioner.

The conditioner in the sachet would last for 2 uses. Its got a nice & mild fruity smell.

There was no volume as such visible in my mane.. let alone ‘miracle volume’.

The first time I used this I had oiled my hair, so I gave it benefit of doubt.. and tried it the second time on no-oiled hair.

Results were same both the time…

Coming to the serum, it fares a little better than the dumbo conditioner.

I don’t have frizzy hair.. so can’t talk about how good it works on it nor is my hair dry.

But the serum did add some extra shine to the hair & nothing special about it… My Matrix Deep Smoothing Serum also manages to do that quite well and much more.

Overall, this product was a big failure for me… I shall never re-purchase this!

I had also picked a face mask along with this ‘miracle-dud’.. hopeful atleast it fares well… 🙂

The ‘Yay’ factors:

  • Fragrance
  • De-tangles hair well
The ‘Nay’ factors:
  • Pricey for the quantity
  • Sachets are inconvenient (atleast for me!)
  • No volume added as claimed
  • Serum is just okie-dokie
HnB rating: 1/5
I will never repurchase nor recommend this product to anyone…

Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...