#Maybelline Lasting Drama Waterproof Eye Pencils

Maybelline has to be my favorite drugstore brand, that has been hitting the right wickets with each of its new launch off late! I love how they offer good quality at great prices, always keeping their products affordable yet great value for money.

Maybelline recently launched their “Lasting Drama Waterproof Eye Pencils” in 9 stunning shades.

Though I initially made up my mind to buy them once they go on discount, rave reviews in the blogosphere and some of my eye pencils getting expired, pushed me to pick a few of the available shades.


I opted for the following five shades –

  • Smooth Charcoal
  • Glossy Emerald
  • Polished Amethyst
  • Striking Copper
  • Silken Turquoise 
Other available shades in this range – 
  • Glazed Toffee
  • Lustrous Sapphire
  • Soft Nude
  • Sleek Onyx
There is another shade Cashmere White in this range that is not launched in India. 
I have been using these pencils for almost 2 weeks now and here is my review on them.
The pencils come packaged in color-coded bodies making it easy to identify them amidst a bunch of other pencils. A transparent lid covers the tip and is of decent quality, though I have my doubts reserved on them messing up the makeup pouch over travel.
They need sharpening – the biggest put off for me! Its been ages since I moved to twist-up ones and had to immediately conduct a search operation for my long-forgotten pencil sharpener, thanks to these pencils!
The actual product is damn creamy like molten chocolate trying to hold on to its shape! It applies like a dream in one swipe with good pigmentation. A little more pressure while applying, actually causes the tip to break or cause smudging – its that creamy!
It goes on smoothly over both waterline and lashline and are safe to use since they contain no glitter. 
They stay put on typically my whole work day without budging or smudging. Once set in the lash line, it could give any couch potato some good competition! At the same time its not very tough to remove at the end of the day – a good makeup remover is all you need to melt these way when you are done with!
Coming to the shades, Maybelline has tried to offer variety in terms of both colors and finishes. While Smooth Charcoal, Sleek Onyx, Lustrous Sapphire & Glazed toffee are matte shades, rest of the shades in this range have very fine shimmer that impart an even sheen when applied (Polished Amethyst has little less sheen).
Take a look at the swatches –

Smooth Charcoal (soft gray-black) is perfect for formal wear, when you don’t want stark black kohl lining your eyes in business meetings. Glazed Toffee (muddy brown) is another great option for everyday wear. 
If you are someone who loves to go bold/black, Lustrous Sapphire (royal blue) & Sleek Onyx (deep black) should be your choice.
Glossy Emerald (jade green), Polished Amethyst (deep purple) & Silken Turquoise (bright teal) are great shades for summer to mix and match with your makeup. Great party wear shades too!
Striking Copper (medium copper) is another good shade for Indian ethnic wear and makeup.
Soft Nude (champagne nude) is something you have to pick if you are looking to highlight the inner corner of your eyes or brows for that sultry look.
Personally I love these pencils, though I wish they were priced a little lesser. Also would love to see some offbeat eye pencil shades likes pinks, reds, burgundy, etc. in this range since everyone is going bold with their makeup these days and open to experimenting with colors and combinations.
Hope this post helps you pick a shade you are looking for. These new Maybelline eye pencils are definitely good value for money, except when you are sharpening them! 

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