Maybelline EyeStudio Vivid & Smooth Liner in Metallic Gray – Review!

Hola beauties..Another eye pencil review for the day on Maybelline Eyestudio Vivid & Smooth Liner in the shade – Metallic Gray.

This was also one of my erstwhile picks and I use it based on my mood.. 🙂

Price: Approx. INR 200 (I forgot the price of this one too..)


The entire pencil is black in color with the bottom colored same as the pencil shade.

The lid is made of transparent plastic. It might crack easily or even break upon falling.

Ingredients: Not listed

Shelf life: Use before date mentioned on the pencil.

The way I see it:

The packaging is not catchy or classy. Only good thing about the packaging is that it can be found easily in a stack of pencils owing to its color coding at the bottom.

This range does not have any name or number for the shade. So  I am calling it Metallic Gray.

This is a nice metallic gray shade, a little more ashier on the scale. See single & multiple swipes below.

It looked more darker at the counter whereas it looked to be of gunpowder shade at home. This was a little put off for me!

What I liked most about this pencil is – it is both smudge-proof & waterproof! Not something that a makeup remover cannot get rid of..

My lids tend to get greasy over the day, but still this holds on good for 5-6 hrs. before it starts fading.

It has minute glitters in it which add to the metallic look… they are not gritty at all…

I have tried on my waterline too and had no irritation as such! Nevertheless it is always good to avoid shimmery or glittery stuff in the waterline for safety..

This pencil needs sharpening which leads to product wastage.

The pigmentation is decent and 2-3 swipes give the desirable gray lining on the eyes.

I am not sure whether the pigmentation issue is because of this gray shade.. hoping other shades are better pigmented..

The texture isn’t very creamy like the Colorbar ones.. but doesn’t require tugging as such!

This shade would suit the fair-skinned beauties than the wheatish or dusky ones.

I am wheatish and always wanted this shade to show up better on my eyes even after multiple swipes.. 🙂

The ‘Yes’ factors:

  • Decently priced
  • Easily available
  • No tugging required
  • Has shimmers
  • Not gritty
  • Smudge- & water-proof

The ‘Nay’ factors:

  • Not retractable
  • Could have had better pigmentation
  • Shade won’t suit wheatish or dusky tones

HnB rating: 3.5/5

Repurchase? – Not this shade.. May be something else..

Recommend? – Yes.. its easy on the pocket & ain’t that bad…


Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...