May’13 Empties!

Hey people..What a gr8 way to end the month.. with an empties post! And get some inspiration for more shopping too.. 😛

Hold on….  I don’t think I can ever do an empties post in this lifetime here!

I love throwing out empty bottles & tubes as soon as they are over, love taking a peek at them in the bin with a sheepish smile – bading ‘good bye’ & then immediately running to pick out a replacement for it from my stash.

Then wondering how I am doing one here… Well… its Christina who is here with her May empties!

And she too is equally elated as I do, whenever a product is emptied! 😀

Not only has she just posted about what she emptied, but it comes along with mini review of each.

See we help you make informed choices even with an empties post.. here in the blog! (twinkling eyes)

Christina takes over from here….

Hey gals..

These are all the stuff  I managed to finish with May –

  • The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Whip Body Lotion
  • Clarins UV Plus HP Ecran Multi Protection SPF 40
  • Inglot Brush Cleanser
  • Shiseido Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam
  • Clarins Pearl to Cream Brightening Cream
  • The Body Shop Earth Lovers Apricot & Basil Shower Gel


The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Whip Body Lotion
This is a lovely
product …smells awesome and refreshing and hydrates the skin instantly.  It gets absorbed easily and comes in a
plastic bottle with a nozzle.
Hygienic  to use as well, is ideal when you need
a quick hydration fix and perfect to keep in your office drawer or work space!
Clarins UV PLUS HP Ecran Multi Protection SPF
My absolute favourite.  Light and easily absorbed. Non-oily and
It is one sunscreen that
feels like there’s nothing on the face.  It gets absorbed by the skin and
leaves the face feeling soft and glowing.
There is no white cast ever.  I use it religiously and am on the second
It causes  no breakouts what so ever and is a fab
product for sensitive skin/oily skin.  Of course normal and dry skin can
also use it!
They also have two tints in
the same range for Sheer Perfection and Triple Protection. Review coming up soon.
Inglot Brush Cleanser
Hygienic and easy
to use, this brush cleanser remained faithful and delivered what it
It is affordable and lasts for
a long time.  It works well for on the
spot cleansing and disinfecting and the spray bottle makes it very
For those of you who use pigmented stuff and on a regular basis then
this can prove to be useful for a daily disinfecting.
Shiseido Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam
pearlescent face wash is a treat for the face. Thick and creamy and all that is
needed is a drop the size of a green pea.
Excellent lather and a soft silky feel is what you get when you cleanse
your face.  It will not take off water
proof make up but cleanses an unpainted face well.
Slightly on the expensive side and not easily
available makes it a difficult product to find.
Clarins Pearl to Cream Brightening Cream
My absolute
favourite cleanser to date. Excellent for sensitive/combination skin,  it leaves the skin clean, fresh, toned and
Not the best thing for water
proof make up it works well on light makeup.
It does a great job of cleansing thoroughly and takes away all of the
skins impurities and pollution of the day.
It has good ingredients that help the skin to purify, tighten, brighten
and stimulate blood and lymphatic drainage.
The Body Shop Earth Lovers Apricot & Basil Shower Gel
A lovely 100% biodegradable shower gel that  is sulphate, paraben and colourant-free.
smells divine and washes off easily so you don’t have to spend too much time
under the shower.  The skin does not feel
overly dry making it a pleasure to use.
You do not need a lot of product just as much as two coins.  That is enough for the entire body.  There is not too much lather but enough to
satisfy a lather freak.
So there it
is….my recent empties.  Would you like an
in depth review of any of the products?

Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...