Marks & Spencer Forget-Me-Not Fragrant Hand Balm


Reviewing a lovely product I recently came across – Marks & Spencer Forget-Me-Not Fragrant Hand Balm.

Its part of their Vintage Floral Collection that launched in Feb’14 around Valentines Day.

This limited edition range consisted of a talc, a hand cream & this fragrant hand balm.

Price: INR 399


The way I see it:

The entire range comes in this cute white & pink tin packaging. The floral prints are totally vintage looking!

The fact that its not a cream but a balm, excited me a lot.

The product is a white balm, a little on the thicker side. You would need a spatula to dig out the balm properly.

But the balm warms up when put on the skin & melts instantly into it, leaving a subtle yet fresh smelling floral fragrance in the hands.

The fragrance is mild & a little powdery too. The quantity is on the higher side and will last you months, even if you use daily.

The balm absorbs completely into the skin, leaving no residue or greasy feeling, thus making it an ideal day time hand care product.

My dry skin loves it & I find no slippery feel or oil traces on the keyboard while using the laptop, though do find a lot of fingerprints on the mobile than usual after applying this balm.

Everything scores in this product from me… right from the packaging – to the price, fragrance, quantity & quality!

Not many are aware of Marks & Spencer personal care products, which are amazing value for money in my view.

If you still manage to spot this in the stands, do grab one for yourself.

Trivia – M&S doesn’t keep testers for all products. Only one product from a particular range will have a tester, since the entire range carries the same fragrance. This hand balm is very mild to smell, when compared to the talc & hand cream from the same range. So, do not go by the fragrance if you happen to sniff either the talc or hand cream.

Also, once you open & check out a product at M&S, you are bound to buy it – since they don’t prefer to keep the product and sell it to another in doubt of contamination! Me likey! 🙂

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