MAC Chili

Hey all… How ya doing?

Today I am reviewing a gorgeous lipstick here – MAC Chili.

Chili is from the Matte range of lipsticks from MAC & is part of the permanent collection.

Price: INR 990.


The standard MAC bullet packaging in black & silver with the typical vanilla scent.

The way I see it:

This is my first ever lipstick from MAC…. This is also my first ever purchase from MAC, once they opened a store in a nearby mall.

I was randomly trying various lipsticks & settled on this one finally.. and this one is total love till date! 😀

Its a pretty orangey-red & goes opaque in one swipe, though it looks a deep brownish-red in the bullet.

If you are one of those who loves to sport a bold red or orange lips, but afraid to actually go on with it… this lipstick could be your best friend.

This is one great shade from MAC, but not amongst the most raved unlike Russian Red, Ruby Woo or So Chaud! 🙂

The color again is a mixed bag… on some & in most online swatches I checked, Chili showed up as a red lipstick with strong orange undertones…. whereas on me… it comes out as a bright orange lipstick with red undertones!

It all depends on your skin tone, so you better try this lipstick before making a purchase.

The bottomline is there is no blue undertone like most red lipsticks… so this one is a big hit for the warm Indian skin tones…

Chili would suit all skin tones superbly – this is assured! 😀

Being matte, it is definitely drying (atleast on my already dry lips!).. so I always make sure I have my lips well exfoliated & moisturized with a good lip balm, before I wear this.

It can be worn as a beautiful orangey stain or you can go bold with it as well – depending on the occasion & time of the day!

The shade manages to stay put on me easily for 5 hrs. & leaves me with a lovely orange tint when it fades off.

When worn as a stain too, it manges to stay put for atleast 2-3 hrs. It fades off evenly & no patchiness or dryness felt.

One drawback I find in this lipstick is that it tends to highlight lines on the lips… not many would like this for that!

This is one shade I recommend to add to your makeup trousseau if you are a new bride or bride-to-be-soon.

Even if you are not getting married.. its a great shade to sport on your lips! 😀