Lush Cosmetics Santa’s Lip Scrub

Lush Cosmetics is definitely one of my favorite brands when it comes to their cocktail cleansers and fresh face masks! Not being available in India any more, I miss the brand dearly!When Lush launched their Limited Edition – Christmas Special Santa’s range of lip scrub and lip tint, I knew I wanted them in my life!

Being huge hits and LE, I couldn’t lay my hands on the lip tint that was constantly OOS, but my Santa – Renji, made sure I get the lip scrub as my Christmas gift! 😀


PRICE – NZD 11.90

AVAILABILITY – Limited Time – Holiday Collection 2015

Lush Cosmetics Santa’s Lip Scrub is a gorgeous looking, berry-red lip scrub. Its a sugar based scrub, that makes it grainy but the texture is uniform (not chunky I mean!)

There are tiny little red hearts mixed in the lip scrub that are edible too – adds glamor to the scrub and looks very pretty!

The lip scrub comes housed in a glass jar and smells of cola – I’m sold!

Simply scoop out a wee bit of the scrub using a spatula and apply on dry lips and scrub your way to softened, hydrated & beautiful lips. The lip scrub is completely edible – so the choice is yours if you wanna lick it out for some cola dose! 🙂

It tastes of cherry-cola because it has both of these in its ingredients – crushed cherry extracts and cola flavor.

It does fall off a little bit while scrubbing. What I do is after scooping out required amount, I add in a drop of water before applying or sometimes even a drop of coconut oil when my lips are badly chapped. Coconut oil does dampen the effervescent flavors of the lip scrub to some extent! 🙁

I have dry-very dry lips that need regular exfoliation and Santa’s lip scrub is great at its job! It smoothens my lips and clears out dead skin from chapped ones and makes my lips feel full and hydrated.

The edible flavoring is a great pick me up!





I am so glad I managed to lay my hands on this – many thanks to the Santa all the way from NZ! 😀

Santa’s Lip Scrub was launched both in 2014 and 2015 as part of their Holiday Collection. Here’s hoping it gets relaunched again this year – so that we all can stock up to our hearts full!

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