Lipbalm Mela #4 – Jovees Lipbalm in Lavender – Review!

Buddies..Presenting the fourth review in the Lipbalm Mela series.

Today’s lipbalm is Jovees Lipbalm in Lavender.

I got excited about Lavender as an ingredient in a lipbalm and picked up this one.

Price: INR 70 for 5 g.

Shelf life: 3 yrs.

Active ingredients:

Wheat germ, Almond, Olive, Jojoba, Lavender.


It comes in a small transparent plastic tub with a green screw-on lid. There is no inner lid provided.

What the product claims:

Jovees lip balm offers complete lip care with a specially developed formula that contains pure almond and olive extracts along with natural vitamin A,B,C & E.

This unique formula soothes and conditions the delicate lip area, restores moisture and brings shine and happiness to the lips. An excellent recipe for dull,dry & chapped lips.

The way I see it:

With the first look, anyone will be impressed with this cute little jar with violet lipbalm & contrasting green lid.

The lipbalm looks transparent when taken in the fingers and upon application feels waxy for the initial 5 mins.

It does not feel sticky though but doesnt get absorbed into the skin also. It stays put as a coating on the lips.

Nevertheless, to say that it won’t work as a lipstick base!

Does it work on the moisturization front? The answer is yes-no..

Yes because.. the lips feel smooth & hydrated upon application of the balm in 10-15 mins.

No because.. it doesn’t do anything more than that! It does not hydrate the lips as expected.

I have dry lips.. so I thought it might work on my mom who has normal ones.. She too claimed it did nothing but sit on her lips for half an hour before it vanishing into thin air.

Nothing much to write here on…I have managed to use very less of this and have now made out how to get this empty. See bottom for more! ;p


The lipbalm comes in a small tub but does not do anything for the lips. No hydration or working on dry/chapped lips. Its a total waste of money.

The ‘Yes’ factors:

  • Easy on the pocket
  • Appealing color
  • Impressive ingredients (Ahem!)

The ‘Nay’ factors:

The total product is a big Nay! 🙂

HnB rating: 1/5

Recommend? – Against my karma! 😀

P.S. – You must be wondering what I am doing with this instead of throwing out?

I am using this as my cuticle cream and also during nail filing as a buffer cream. It helps to remove dirt & dead cells from the toe nails so easily! 🙂


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Your thoughts here...