Lipbalm Mela #3 – Lipice Lipbalm in Lemon SPF15 – Review!

Here comes the third product in the Lipbalm Mela series.Today’s review is on – Lipice Lipbalm in Lemon with SPF 15.

I so very wanted to pick the color changing lip balm from Lipice but ended up choosing this since the label had “Lemon”.

I am crazy about anything citrusy and wanted a cool, citrusy feel on the lips too.. 🙂

Price: INR 120 (I picked this for INR 114 from UT)

Shelf life: 3 yrs.

Check the below pic for what the product claims & the list of ingredients.



It comes in a pure white stick. Simple and cute packaging.

The chapstick makes it convenient to apply, gives better hygiene & travel-handy too.

The way I see it:

The lip balm is a translucent white and smells of menthol.

It has a very mild citrusy fragrance – not really to the extent I expected it to be!

Upon application, it gives that tingling cool feel owing to menthol & camphor in it.

I really love this tingling feel – which is what Lipice is famous for. The tingle is short-lived though – last about max. 10 minutes only.

The lip balm glides easily on the lips and is not heavy or waxy – which is a big plus to me!

I have enough of waxy lip balms in my kitty that are not fit for use under a lipstick. This one is a blessing since it moisturises the lips good enough without giving that waxy heavy coating on the lips.

Having said that. it makes for a superb lip base!

I usually apply this lipbalm around 5 mins. before applying the lipstick. This helps in easy application of lipstick on the lips – even non-creamier ones, protect the lips from dryness.

This is not a primer hence lipstick do tend to fade, but not very faster as with the case of waxy lipbalms.

SPF 15 – is just the cherry on the cake. Sun protection for the lips is as important as other areas of the skin and this is a decent protection for the lips I would say.

This one would work on normal lips or to an extent on dry lips. Very dry lips or chapped lips won’t find this product that useful.


This is a good lipbalm for normal- slightly dry lips that gives a tingling cool feeling to the lips. Comes handy as a decent lipstick base with SPF15.

The ‘Yes’ factors:

  • SPF 15
  • Cool tingle
  • Decent lipstick base
  • Would suit normal – slightly dry lips
  • Roll-on stick comes handy

The ‘Nay’ factors:

  • Lemon fragrance is negligible
  • May not suit very dry/chapped lips

HnB rating: 4/5

Recommend? – Go for it if you want the cool menthol on your lips or a decent lipstick base.


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Your thoughts here...