Layla Cosmetics Nail Paint in N17 & Dupe Alert!

Good evening gals..Its weekend time… can’t believe this week wound up so fast! Do you feel the same?

You must have all seen & read my rants on this month’s Velvette box already HERE in the blog.

But, if there was one thing that consoled me in such a blunder-box, its this nail paint from Layla Cosmetics.


I have no idea about the brand… the only thing that made me jump with joy is that I received a nail paint in a pretty lilac.. I shade I have been wanting to pick all these days & somehow never ended up buying!

The brush is of good quality.. helps apply the paint evenly on the nails.

Two coats of the nail paint gives opaque finish. Its settles to a mild sheeny finish upon drying.

It lasts long too… Its the 5th day today.. and its only marginally chipped along the nail tips!

I’m really happy with the shade, quality & staying power of this nail paint.. Wish Layla is available in India!

And yo.. coming to the dupe.. I think its a close dupe to Chanel’s Lilac Sky nail paint! 🙂

Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...