Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser

Review by Christina.

If you’ve ever walked by the Kiehl’s store and wondered about the products and their performance then this review will answer all your questions.

I picked this cleanser-toner-moisturizer combo from Kiehl’s.

Price – INR 1200 for 200 ml. (Full size, cleanser only)

What the product claims:

Mild formula to thoroughly cleanse skin and remove makeup without over-drying or stripping skin of its natural oils

Dissolves excess oil, dirt, and debris

PH-balanced to maintain skin’s natural balance

Tested for safety and gentleness

How to use:

Apply a small amount to clean fingertips and gently massage into damp facial areas in upward, circular motions, avoiding the immediate eye area. Rinse thoroughly or remove excess with a damp wash cloth.

Key Ingredients:

Apricot Kernel Oil: Has a very high Vitamin E content. It is readily absorbed without leaving a greasy residue. Excellent to combat dry and itchy skin.

Avocado Oil: Is a rich, fatty-acid emollient. It is super moisturizing and is a natural source of Amino Acid proteins, Vitamins A, D, E, and potassium. It helps restore the natural moisture of the skin.

Squalane: Has anti-oxidant capabilities that help to protect from the harsh effects of the environment.

The way I see it:

I had my doubts initially and decided to get some small sized products and so picked this combo.

The first time I used Kiehl’s on my face I saw a whole layer of dirt come off. I haven’t changed my face wash for over 2 years. I was using one from Clarins. It did a good job but I am wondering whether just like shampoo leaves a chemical build up on the scalp, if the face wash too did something similar.

I find that I had to settle for the parabens and SLS contained in this product but I was willing to let it go. FE that had nothing of the sort totally ruined my skin so what more did I have to lose?

Well, it’s a great cleanser! I have been using it in conjunction with the toner and cream from Kiehl’s and have got excellent results.

It is cleansing my combination sensitive skin (that is a bit on the dry side) well and without drying it up. The flaking and that annoying stretchy feeling has stopped and if I do not use a cream after it I do not start fretting.

The texture and consistency is like most other cleansers. It is not runny nor is it thick.

As far as make-up removal is concerned, this cleanser does not take off waterproof make-up. It removes about 90% of your foundation and blush and eye shadow but not lipstick and kajal. When I say 90% I mean if you are the type that likes squeaky clean skin then it won’t happen if there is makeup on your skin. In that it is better to use your make-up remover and then finish off with the facial cleanser.

As far as deep cleaning and black head removal and the whole drama goes, this does not do enough there. I do not like to use a scrub but I have to do so at least once a week to keep the black heads at bay.

Sometimes I think this paraben and SLS business has gone way overboard. There are many companies that are cashing in on the trend but then do not deliver quality products. So, it basically depends on which school you belong to.

Over all I would give this cleanser a 4/5. It is all that I need in a cleanser and I am going to stick to it for this entire year. I took off a point because it is expensive.

If you think I should have taken off a point because it does not totally remove makeup, then I beg to differ because if it takes off everything then it is probably too harsh to use twice daily as a cleanser don’t you think?

On the other side, if you have a good cleanser that suits you in every aspect then you do not really need this. But if you are looking for change, then you can give this high-end cleanser a try.

Kiehl’s has 3 products in their 3 step regime. Stay tuned to for the Ultra Facial Toner and Ultra Facial Cream reviews…I will then review a cult favorite product as well, which is the 4th step in my face care regime.

The ‘Yay’ factors:
  • Reputed international brand
  • Presence of plant-based oils
  • Mild formula
  • Cleanses without drying
  • Washes off easily – no soapy feel afterwards
  • pH balanced
  • Tube packaging with flip-open cap
  • Little goes a long way
The ‘Nay’ factors:
  • On the expensive side
  • Availability could be an issue
  • Has parabens
  • Does not remove waterproof makeup
  • Not deep cleansing
  • Lid is tough to open each time – tough for me!
HnB Ed* – I have never tried Kiehl’s products till date and this mini combo sounds to be good start. Nicely reviewed Chris. 🙂

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