kama ayurveda kumkumadi brightening ayurveda face scrub review

Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Brightening Ayurveda Face Scrub

Kumkumadi Oil is one of the first facial oils I ever tried years ago & is definitely a great find for any skincare fanatic. When a scrub comes loaded with Kumkumadi goodness, its only natural I try it! Presenting the Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Brightening Ayurveda Face Scrub review today.

Kama Ayurveda is a renowned brand in India and the Kama Ayuveda Kumkumadi Brightening Ayurveda Face Scrub was part of my first ever order with them. I have repurchased this quite a lot & recommended this to friends too who look for a face scrub with natural goodness.


kama ayurveda kumkumadi brightening ayurveda face scrub review

The product comes in a heavy amber glass jar with a screw on lid. I think it also comes with an inner lid to keep the lid from getting messy over travel too & I believe I got rid of that. The scrub also comes with a tiny wooden spatula to scoop out the product without contamination.

The packaging is simple with very Indian vintage vibes.

The scrub is a light yellow product of thick consistency. One can see brown scrub granules strewn all over the product.

The fragrance is nutty, kumkumadi oil like and is actually very calming. The cream appears thick, but is easy to apply over wet skin.

The granules are not abrasive at all and you get to feel that you are having a good scrubbing session with this. One of my favorite scrubs out there, just for how the granules feel against the skin.

It is easy to wash off as well and gives a nice brightened effect on the face immediately. It helps decently with blackheads, but love how it works on the dry patches of my skin and helps keep them at bay when used twice a week.

It has not caused any breakouts on my skin. The brand claims that this product is ideal for all skin types, though in my personal opinion its great for dry skin all seasons and those with combination-oily skin, can give it a shot during the winters.

The product is devoid of all kinds of chemicals or preservatives.

kama ayurveda kumkumadi brightening ayurveda face scrub review

PRICE – INR 1195 for 50 g

AVAILABILITY – Kama Ayurveda | Nykaa

This is one of the best scrubs I have ever used and highly recommend to try the same if you are in the market looking for one. Totally worth the price!

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