Just Herbs Eye Care Kit

Hey all…I am reviewing the Just Herbs Eye Care Kit today in this post.

I had received 3 sample-sized products of decent quantity as a kit in one of my Vellvette boxes & had taken up these products for my first-ever Test Drive mentioned here – Test Drive #1 – Just Herbs Eye Care Kit.

Its exactly a week today since I took up the test drive.

You must be wondering how I managed to arrive at a decision on not 1 – but 3 products.. that too in just a week’s time on an important skincare regime!

Well… continue to read this post for my thoughts…

Just Herbs I’Clear Green Tea – Cucumber Nourishing Under Eye Gel

Well, this is the first one to be used in the 3-product kit.


Key Ingredients: Green Tea extract, Cucumber extract, Indian Mint extract, Almond oil, Carrot Seed oil. (Total ingredients also listed on the label)

The gel is of medium consistency & looks muddy brown to look at. It also smells weird.. something I have not been able to make out, like what or how!


It gets absorbed into the skin easily & the weird fragrance vanishes in few minutes.. so nothing to bother.

It gives a slightly cool feeling while application & that too vanishes quickly.

This gel per say, has done nothing to my under-eye area… but for the momentary cooling sensation it gives!

Just Herbs I’Mint Green Tea – Vetiver Nourishing & Toning Pack

The second product in the kit is the toning pack – one that is supposed to essentially tighten your eye area, minimize dark circles, puffiness & fine lines too (as the product claims).


Key Ingredients: Spearmint, Green Tea, Vetiver, Indian Rose, Chiraunji, Citrus aurentium peel, Manjishtha.

Its again a pale brown, finely-grounded powder with a herbal smell.


The label instructs to mix the powder with some curd & set aside for 15 minutes before applying to the eye area.

I usually apply the above gel as soon as I prepare the curd-pack mixture since the gel is supposed to be used before/along with the pack.

I was very excited to try this eye-specific pack since curd has lactic acid which is a known natural lightening/bleaching agent plus this pack has green tea & other too-good-for-your-eyes stuff in it.

You just need less than a teaspoon of this powder & equal quantity of thick curd to make a paste for application around both the eyes.

When applied, the pack gives a very mild chill sensation but takes time to dry. I washed it off after some 15 minutes as instructed in the label, but the pack hadn’t tried by that time.

There was absolutely no difference at all in my eye area with 4 uses of this pack in the past week on alternative days.

My eye area looked the same dull, dark, tired as it was before – not even some brightening effect for the least!

Needless to say that I got pissed off – even a simple green tea bag gave my eye area some refreshment! Nothing from this…

Just Herbs I’Brite Almond – Green Tea Nourishing Under Eye Cream

The last of the lot.. is this eye cream.

Key Ingredients: Almond oil, Green Tea extract, Cucumber extract, Indian Mint extract, Carrot seed extract. (Total ingredients list also listed on the label)

Its a pale yellow cream which is pretty thick in consistency. It takes time to sink into the skin & needs some massaging to get absorbed well.

You would need very little of this cream for both the eyes or your eye area would end up looking all greasy & oily.

For this reason, this eye cream is not at all suitable for day wear as a base for your eye makeup & good only as before-bed routine.

This cream looks greasy on normal-dry skinned like me.. combination-oily skinned people better stay away from this.

The product smells decently well in the tub but when applied Β I could only smell almond oil in it.. it was like I was applying almond oil only in my eye area.

The almond oil fragrance lingers for about 15-20 minutes atleast after application, which doesn’t work with me. I usually hit the bed after applying this cream. both hubby & I could smell almond oil in the air, which both of us hate!

Test Drive – Conclusion

None of the products in this eye care kit worked for me. In fact, even with regular usage of au-naturelle, specific eye-care products like these…I would say my dark circles have worsened!!!

My neighbor had a whiff of a look at me in the elevator the other day & she said – “looks like your dark circles have worsened..they didn’t look this bad last week – rest well”… πŸ™ πŸ˜€

This test drive proved to be a road crash for me….I’m giving up on these products with immediate effect!

Luckily, I have Clinique All About Eyes as a backup.. which I purchased recently. Hopeful that Clinique works for me.

So, there you already have a cue on what product is lined up next for my ‘Test Drive’… still watch out for my update post.. πŸ˜€

Did you have a similar experience with this kit or any product from this?

Ahoy! With all this rant I almost forgot to wish you all…


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Your thoughts here...