How to choose your right lipstick?

Heyya gals..How are you all doing?

Today we are gonna talk about – how to pick the right lipstick for you?

Well.. there is no thumb rule how to choose the perfect one.. but we all can check out few factors to count in ย – to pick lipsticks / lipglosses that accentuate your skin tone and doesn’t wash you out!

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Below are some tips to pick a lipstick/lipgloss that suits you best:

1. The lipstick should suit your tone, even when you don’t wear any makeup.

2. Stores/counters in malls could be deceiving when it comes to showing the right shade of a lipstick/lipgloss owing to their lighting.

Always ask the SA to apply the tester directly on your lips first. Go out in the sun or a place with normal lighting check how the shade suits you before you set out to buy one.

3. Bobbi Brown says,

“The most flattering lip color would be one or two tones darker than the color of your lips”.

4. Apply lipstick on only one of your lips & see how it fares against your other lip before you really decide to pick the product. This can be done under any lighting! ๐Ÿ™‚

5. Always choose a lipstick/lipgloss that helps to cover your pigmentation.

6. If you are picking your lipstick from a local store/grocery market where you do not get testers, hold the lipstick bullet against your lips against the mirror to decide.

If the lipstick bullet is not visible due to opaque packaging, you can go by the color code printed at the bottom of the lipstick. Again go by what Bobbi Brown said here.

7. Another simple rule is the lipstick shade should be darker than your gums to suit you to the ‘T’.

Aint it easy?ย This method is foolproof even in closed areas & false lightings!

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I have been plainly following these simple steps to choose my lipstick so far – and there has been no regrets with a lipstick, atleast when it comes to the shade!

In case you think you bought a lipstick that doesn’t suit you… wait.. don’t throw it away yet.

You can always mix n match two shades and get the right shade for you! ๐Ÿ™‚

The easiest method is to top off your lipstick with a lip gloss and use its wand or brush only to mix the color on your lip – but be careful not to spoil your makeup doing this!

So are you ready to carry that perfect pout gals??


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