Get rid of Underarm darkness

Hey pretty ones..In my earlier post ‘5 Reasons for Underarm Darkness, we discussed what all are the possible causatives of underarm dark patches.

Tackling the issue comes only after identifying the root cause – what is actually causing this problem for you?

So, understand the reason for your underarm darkness first, and then treat it by way of elimination or medication.

My story

I too HAD some dark underarm patches that probably I have been carrying for close to a year.

I stopped wearing sleeveless clothes, since I was conscious about my underarms & never felt confident about the same. I also used to feel awkward at the salons.

Reasons for my underarm darkness (as I understood):

  • Dead skin/cells
  • Deodorants (maybe?)
In this post, let’s see how we can get rid of this ‘dark demon’ for the same 5 different causes that we saw in the earlier post.
1. Dead skin/cells

If this is the cause of your underarm dark patches, then this is the easiest to be taken care of too.

This was exactly the reason of darkness in my underarms too.

Just like the way you follow a stringent CTM routine for your face, all you need to do is follow a regular exfoliation & hydration regime.

Once a week exfoliation or max. twice a week with a good body scrub followed by proper moisturization should start showing results in 2 months.

Yes – we don’t miss applying a body lotion after a shower mostly, but we do miss applying some here almost everytime.

Also, try using a soft loofah everyday atleast for the underarm area (in case you are in a rush!) to keep dead skin accumulation at bay.

2. Deodorants

If this is what is causing your underarm darkness, this reason has to be eliminated once for all.

I don’t have any body odour problem nor do I sweat like a pig. But, I still used to go for a deodorant (directly sprayed on the skin as its supposed to be) every day.

I was ready to bear the burning sensation (thanks to alcohol-based ones) just to keep myself away from any possible embarrassment.

Once I started my ‘scrub-hydrate’ routine,  I stopped directly spraying any kind of anti-perspirants/deodorants/body mists on my skin directly.

3. Tight clothing

As we discussed earlier, tight clothing causes unwanted friction on the skin leading to underarm darkness.

The solution is simple too – stop wearing tightly-fitted clothes or wrong sizes on you.

Half an inch of a loose top is not going to do much harm to your silhouette… 🙂

4. Hormone & Weight Factors

Overweight causes the skin to rub against each other, generally in the foldings of the body like your underarms, thight, crotch, etc.

Continuous friction in these parts produces a little heat, that ultimately leads to dark patches.

Though putting your weight in check would be the ultimate answer to this issue, to an extent this can be tackled again with our ‘scrub-hydrate’ regime.

Hormonal changes in the body too can cause dark patches in your neck area or underarms.

For example, hypothyroidism, insulin resistance or PCOS can cause dark patches in the body foldings (especially neck & underarms), medically termed as ‘acanthosis nigricans’.

Now, this needs to be medically treated by fixing an appointment with your dermatologist.

5. Shaving

Shaving as such is not harmful to the skin, but usage of a proper razor & shaving gel is.

Shaving gels and hair removal creams are loaded with chemicals we know.

Shaving creams can disturb the skin’s pH balance & their alcohol-content is bothersome too.

Our good old, hair removal creams are loaded with strong chemicals that have the ability to dissolve the hair tissue (yes! that is how they work).

Some of that cream, ends up penetrating your skin, bothering the skin’s pH again & not to forget the stinking, pungent smells it leaves on the skin hours after it was used.

They can cause skin irritation too – that is why they always recommend a patch test.

I would rather suggest waxing or investing in an epilator.

Waxing not only helps in removing the hair but also to an extent accumulated dead cells in that area.

An epilator gives you hair removal at the comfort of your home, without embarrassment at the salon.

I did try some hommade stuff to help with this issue & would love to share them with you all.

Home remedies I have tried:

1. Lemon juice – Our well-known natural bleaching agent.

Don’t throw away that squeezed lemon shell yet, rub it in your underarms some 10 minutes before you take a shower.

2. Hommade scrub – Apply that paste of gram flour,curd, lemon juice & turmeric u prepare for your face to your underarms too.

3. Rose water – Stop using those harsh deodorants and start spritzing some natural rose water on your underarms after a shower.

Rose water not only cools the body, gives a refreshing natural fragrance but also helps in lightening the dark patches.

I have also read that a mixture of baking soda & vinegar too helps in tackling this issue.

Hope this post was useful…

Do you know any other home remedy for getting rid of underarm darkness? Pls do share…


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Your thoughts here...