Himalaya Herbals Mouthwash Range

Bad breath can be a big put off and none of us wants to be the one with it! In a country like India, where dental hygiene isn’t given that much regard as it should be, simple steps like using a mouthwash regularly helps keep bad breath and other basic dental issues at bay!

And with mouthwashes comes the scare of burning sensation, thanks to their alcohol content!

Himalaya Herbals has tried to alleviate just the same with their range of alcohol-free & flouride-free mouthwashes that are clinically tested.

Himalaya Herbals mouthwash range has three variants –

  • Saunf & Mint
  • Miswak & Pomegranate
  • Papaya & Pineapple
The complete range is priced at INR 95 each for 215 ml. quantity and come in sturdy packaging.
These colorful mouthwashes are quite exciting to use in the first place! They are true to their flavors and feel refreshing in the mouth as expected. 
I love the zing these mouthwashes have to offer minus the burning sensation. The flavors are subtle but natural. 

This variant has Saunf (Fennel) & Mint extracts that together actively fight bad breath and helps keep fresh breath longer upto 12 hours with germ protection & anti -plaque build up.
This is my go to choice in the morning!

With extracts of renowned Miswak & Pomegranate, this mouthwash offers complete mouth protection fighting 99.9% bacteria and better oral hygiene upto 12 hours.
This mouthwash is currently part of my night routine. 

This variant has Papaya & Pineapple extracts extracted using Plant Enzyme Technology that offers teeth whitening with regular usage for upto 2 weeks. It removes surface stains without any harsh chemical bleach unlike other teeth whitening products plus helps with oral hygiene too.
I use this alternatively with the Himalaya Active Fresh variant.
How to use

Fill the lid with mouthwash (about 15 ml.) 
Rinse & expel in about a minute
Do not swallow or wash using water immediately
Wash your mouth well after about 10 minutes
These mouthwashes do have a zingy feel in the mouth, but do not sting or burn unlike others with alcohol. Once you are regular with their usage, you don’t feel that zing too and all you get is only the natural flavors from these mouthwashes. 
I can definitely say I feel fresh after using these and have no issues of bad breath over the day. I am yet to use the Sparkling White variant regularly to see how good it stands on the whitening claims.
Overall, these are a great buy at an affordable price and some interesting ingredients!
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