#Herbalife Skin Firming Eye Gel and Hydrating Eye Cream

I had earlier done a post on Herbalife Skin Replenishing Night Cream and today back with reviews on two of their eye care products – Herbalife Skin Firming Eye Gel and Herbalife Skin Hydrating Eye Cream.I thought of reviewing these together so that I can list down their similarities and differences together at one go and compare them.

PRICE – INR 2240 for 15 ml. each


Impressive list of ingredients is printed on the outer carton along with expiry information. There is a host of natural and artificial good ingredients listed in the product.

Both the eye cream and eye gel are free of parabens. The eye cream has silicone in its ingredients list though.


All Herbalife Skin products come in this classic – white body and mirrored silver finish cap. As beautiful as they appear on the dresser, its a job to read their labels to identify which one is what before application!

All products come in pump packaging making them great for travel and also helping the product formula stay stable and hygienic.


EYE GEL – A medium consistency, pale green transparent gel that sinks into the skin in seconds without leaving a dry or tightening feel behind (I get that feel with normal aloe vera gel and is something I hate!).

EYE CREAM – A medium consistency, white cream that again sinks into the skin in a jiffy and gives you that effectively moisturized feel next moment!


Both the eye gel and eye cream has this amazing fragrance of freshly cut cucumbers owing to real cucumber extract (lying somewhere in the middle) in its ingredients (list).

Just love the fragrance – a big USP of these products!


EYE GEL – A peppercorn sized product is enough for both eyes. Is a good moisturizer – not overly moisturizing! Thus making it ideal for use under makeup. Ideal for morning usage when you don’t want your face/eye area to look greasy or oily with a heavy duty eye cream or your makeup sift away.

EYE CREAM – An extremely hydrating product best suited for night use. Again a peppercorn sized product is good enough for both the eyes. If used more can make the eye area look a little greasy. Great for dry-very dry skinned people to be used under makeup as well.


EYE GEL – Its cucumber fragrance simply refreshes the nostrils first before even getting into action on the eyes! 😛 That a big pick me up for me in the mornings! 😀 It takes care of puffy eyes to a good extent whenever I have had less sleep hours over the night. Works great under makeup without feeling greasy or over-hydrated. The cooling sensation of the gel calms down the senses and am loving it this summer!

EYE CREAM – Amazing cucumber fragrance here too! Extremely moisturizing for the under eye area for dry skinned people like me and makes the fine lines underneath the eye look plumped up – thanks to dimethicone! I don’t think my fine lines are going anywhere, but something that can diminish the look of it with plumping the skin is okay with me! Loved using this eye cream in the harsh winters of the USA and it never failed me.

I have been using these two products for months now and can definitely say I have seen remarkable difference in my dark circles. I won’t say they are totally gone, but they have reduced since I can see I need very less concealer to cover up my eyes these days.

These eye creams may look very pricey but going  by the quantity needed each use and how good they work on dull eyes and dark circles – these are really worth it!

Downsides would be the availability (can be purchased only from Herbalife representatives) and also the same packaging for all products making it tough to identify the one you need in hurry without going through the hassle of reading its label in entirety!

PR Sample. Honest Review.

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