#Herbalife Skin Line Minimizing Serum

Here is a review of my most favorite product from the entire Herbalife Skin range I have used.HERBALIFE SKIN LINE MINIMIZING SERUM

PRICE – INR 3205 for 30 ml.


White cylindrical bottle with pump dispenser. Classy mirror finish cap. Very travel friendly.


The serum is of cream-lotion consistency and is slightly translucent. It has a mild powdery floral fragrance to it.

The texture is perfect for a serum and gets absorbed into the skin immediately leaving it very very smooth and soft to touch and feel instantly. Dimethicone is the fourth ingredient listed in the label, and we know why the serum makes the skin feel go baby soft in a jiffy now! Since I do not have any allergy to silicone in my products, I am fine with it.

It optimally hydrates the skin and prepares it nicely for the next routine in one’s skincare routine.

At bed time I use the serum and follow it up with a night cream like every one does. In the morning on days when I am wearing makeup, I use this serum mixed with my all time favorite foundation –  Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup. On days, when I am not wearing makeup I just leave it with the serum mixed with some sunscreen.

There is a nice glow instantly everytime you use this serum. Its a great pick me up that way!

It gets mixed homogenously with any base makeup product – particularly foundations to give a luminous, healthy finish all over.

Herbalife Skin range was the only set of skincare stuff I took with me to my US trip owing to its handy packaging and effectiveness on use.

The serum is light weight and never broke me out. I went through a bad skin phase thanks to the paradigm shift in the climate between US and India, but I continued use of this serum with other changes to my skincare.

I think have almost finished this serum since the bottle feels really empty, but yes the packaging is such that you will not know how much is left.

With twice a day use of about a pea-sized amount for face and neck, this product lasted me close to 3 months. In that way its 1000 bucks a month for a luxurious serum and is definitely worth the price you pay!

I cannot say anything on the line minimizing properties of this serum, since I do not have lines on my facial skin apart from the one under the eye. But this is a great prep-up product for the skin and the skin feels well nourished.

Overall a great serum that gives an instant glow to the skin and makes it feel really smooth and soft to touch, prepping- up the skin for hydration/makeup. Works well mixed with base makeup products too!

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PR Sample. Honest Review.

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