How do you manage your weight?

Hey gals!Today I wanted to have a discussion topic with you all in our Health Files section.

Its on “Weight Management”.

A little about me here & why this topic..

I have never been a thin or slim gal ever in my life.. always been the chubby, plump one..

My weight has always been up & down like the ocean tides.. I tend to lose weight easily.. and its that much easier for me to gain weight too..

Plus a hard-core foodie too.. 😀

To add to the woes.. got some hormonal imbalances that wreck havoc in my body… 🙁

What type is your body? How do you manage your weight?

Pour in your thoughts, tips & suggestions for this section.. I am sure we all are gonna learn something new from each one of us here!

Thanku gals… 🙂

And hey.. this is Beyonce just 2 months post delivery of her baby at a red carpet event.. Isnt she looking chic & amazing!

Your thoughts here...

Your thoughts here...