My experience with facial warts!

Good evening gals!In a previous post on Facial warts, I mentioned about the causes, symptoms & so many other details on it. Read about the earliest post HERE.

In this post, I would like to share my experience with facial warts & its removal with you all.

As we discussed earlier, warts are caused by HPV viruses & need to be removed from the root to avoid a new wart later somewhere else in the body.

Living with the wart:

I have normal-dry skin & rarely get any pimple on my face.

But there did arise one near my left eye on my face, which dried up in 4-5 days but eventually ended up becoming a wart.

I too got terrified upon seeing the wart on my face & meddled with it quite a lot.

But to no use! The wart re-appeared in the same place.

With time,  I also noticed that it was growing in size.

At one point, my wart was about 3 mm. in length, when I decided to get rid of it.

A local derma I visited mentioned that he will chop off the wart!!! It drove me nuts & lived with the wart for a month or so more.

Then I visited another experienced derma, who mentioned he will remove the warts from its roots using RF (Radio Frequency) or LASER.

Home remedies that I have tried in vain:

1. Applying duct tape on to the wart to suffocate it.
2. Applying raw onion juice over the wart for about 10 days.
3. Applying the peel of a banana over the wart sealed with a plaster overnight.

All of these just didn’t work for me – I decided that only a medical approach is gonna work for me!

Wart Removal Procedure:

The derma cleaned the wart with medicated cotton wool first.

Since the wart was of 3 mm. size, the derma administered local anaesthesia near the wart using a thin syringe (normally used for insulin injections).

The RF is actually applied from a rod (diode) & comes from an instrument that looks like a washing machine. It actually burns the wart (flesh) from its base –  thereby killing the virus along with it.

He touched the wart with the RF rod & burnt it all together upto its roots.

He also did the same for few other rashes I had on my face that time – to ensure that they do not come up as warts in the future!

Overall  I had some 5-6 burm marks on my face – that of the size of a mustard.

The original wart that was removed had a bigger burn mark.

He applied antiseptic over the burn marks & I was ready to leave.

Post-treatment care:

1. Not to wash face with soap/face wash or even with water for upto 48 hrs.
2. Only wet wipes allowed in the rest of the face to remove dirt, oil or makeup.
3. Apply anti-bacterial/anti-fungal cream on the burn marks twice a day for a week.
4. No moisturizer/makeup on the open wound.

After 2 days, when I was allowed to wash my face with water,  I applied virgin coconut oil on the burn marks before actually splashing water on the skin.

Coconut oil is also a well-known healing agent & has anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties.

The doctor did mention that there would be no scarring post healing of the wound – and exactly happened to be the same.

Only in the place where the actual wart was, the skin has a light scar. Nothing that calls for attention though!

As of now I am covering it with foundation or so & hoping that this scar to vanishes into thin air 😀


HPV virus also causes genital warts & cervical cancer in woman.

Cervical cancer is the most deadly cancer among woman in India.

It is also the only cancer that can be prevented with the help of a vaccine!

Consult your doctor today – if you have a wart in any part of your body without ignoring it.

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