Facial Warts – Causes & Treatment

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In this post, let’s discuss about facial warts – their causes, issues & treatments in our Health files section.

I am compiling what all I got to know from the internet, people around & the doc too in this post for you all.

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What are facial warts?

Warts are skin outer-growths that can come up in any part of the body. When they come up on the face, they are termed medically as facial warts.

Facial warts are also called filiform warts.

What causes these warts?

Warts are caused by Human Papilloma Virus known as HPV in common. There are more than 150 strains of this virus and specific strains only cause warts on the face.

How to identify warts?

Facial warts are skin-colored & initially start up only as a pimple on the face. Slowly they grow up into a mole-like structure out of the body like raised bumps.

Facial warts grow faster than others in the body. They can be either flat or like a projection.

How to treat facial warts?

As we see, warts are caused by viruses. Just cutting off the wart superficially – will not solve the underlying problem – which is nothing but the virus.

HPV can cause warts again somewhere else in the face or any part of the body.

Hence, it is important to seek medical attention & remove warts with the advice of a experienced dermatologist.

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General practices include –

1. Cutting off the wart deeply with a surgical blade after applying a local anaesthetic & follow-up with medication to destroy the virus.

2. Your derma can apply a topical solution of liquid nitrogen which chokes the wart & causes cell death. Follow-up medication is advised in this case too to kill HPV.

3. Laser treatments are also available to burn off the wart from its root and thereby destroying it.

Getting rid of the warts by self is not adviced, since it does not help to eliminate the problem from the root.

There are so many home remedies in the web to cure oneself of facial warts, but again there is no guarantee that it helps remove to from the root.

I too had a facial wart that had grown upto 2-3 mm. in length on my cheek.

I shall share my experience living with the wart & its treatment with you all in the next post!

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