What to add or subtract in your food this monsoon?

Hey all…Its monsoon time…. drizzles, heavy downpour, water puddles & dry skin are going to be the order of the day!

Its also the time when we end up drinking less of water or liquids due to the cold weather outside… and end up dehydrating ourselves more than ever before!

Here are simple tips to keep yourself hydrated & nourished at the same time…

1. Get your dose of antioxidants.

Less water not only dehydrates your body during the monsoon, it also diminishes your body’s ability to flush out toxins from your body.

You could be donning the best makeup out there on your skin – but internally free radicals are damaging you badly.

Hydrate yourself with a glass of vegetable/fruit juice. The different the colors of the vegetables & fruits – the better it gets.

If taking a vegetable juice, try adding atleast 3 different vegetables into your concoction – beetroot, carrot, celery, bottle-gourd & tomatoes are good choices.

This is not just loaded with antioxidants, plus also an excellent hydrator.

2. Get some liquid energy.

Even in the monsoon, the body loses a lot of water not just by your kidneys at work.. but you could still be perspiring after a good spend of energy at the gym.

A dehydrated body is never a happy one – not even if you give it a regular dose of exercise!

If you are not in the mood to sip another glass of plain water, switch to tender coconut water or fresh fruit juice.

3. Don’t forget the proteins.

Make sure you have adequate protein in your diet over the dry months.

Mostly people tend to take hot, fatty food to tackle the cold weather and end up bulging their waists & losing muscle strength.

Egg is a great source of protein & yolk is known to generate little heat, hence making it ideal for the monsoons. If you are not on a weight loss plan, gobble down your egg with the yolk.

Vegetarian? No issues. – Gulp down a cup of yoghurt. It contains healthy bacteria along with essential proteins. Use yoghurt or hung curd in your salads & smoothies.

Vegan? No issues again. – Opt for sprouts & legumes. They are great source of proteins and help meet your nutrition needs along with a dose of fibre.

4. Plus the salt.

Generally, it is advised to cut down your salt.

But, if you are a regular gym-goer or work at a hot place (in the hotels,restaurants)… you could still be losing important electrolytes by way of perspiration.

Add in some rock salt to your yoghurt, salads or smoothies to compensate for the loss.

5. Minus the alcohol.

Alcohol is a known de-hydrant.

Cut back on your alcohol intake, it just makes dehydration worse leading to nausea & lethargy in this already lethargic weather!

So, these are some tips from end for a healthy you this monsoon…. You got some too??

Please share in the comment sections below… 🙂

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