Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Intensive Hair Mask

Good evening gals…Howz Saturday going? And tomorrow is Friendship day…. Wat plans? 🙂

We are into the 3rd day of our Haircare Week in the blog.

Today its the turn of a mask & it turns out to be – Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Intensive Hair Mask.

This was a random purchase along with groceries at the supermarket. Continue to read on how this hair mask fared on my hair…

Price: INR 199 for 135 ml.

Shelf life: 3 yrs.


What the product claims:

Gives Fullness & Life (to hair obviously!)

Professional quality intensive repair.


This mask comes in a sturdy, pastel green tub with a flip-open cap that shuts tight.

Love the idea of a flip-open cap instead of the usual screw-on ones that come with most mask tubs… this is so handy in the shower.

The way I see it:

I’m totally lazy when it comes to DIY natural hair masks. At the same time, scared at the ingredients list of readymade hair masks too.

Nevertheless picked this one – since the price wasn’t pinching & its been ages since I tried something from Pantene. Probably the cheapest hair mask I have ever come across! 🙂

The product is pastel green in color & is a thick paste in consistency…. Quite similar or may be tad thicker to our regular conditioners.

The first time I used this mask after my regular conditioner, I felt that my hair fell flat.. but it was soft & manageable.

I thought may be I used too much of this mask & hence the second time I used very little of this as a follow-up to my conditioner as instructed. This time too I felt my hair go flat!

Sense prevailed on me & I checked the ingredients list… and they were no different from that of a regular hair conditioner! 😮

It was just a marketing gimmick to squeeze out conditioner out of its tube into a pretty tub & market it as an ‘intensive hair mask’.

I was getting nothing but double-conditioning on my hair which made it go all FLAT!! Arggh!

Dear Pantene – There is ‘Life’ as labelled.. but where is the ‘Fullness’?

The next time on, I am skipping my conditioner & using this mask as a conditioner.. and.. hold your breath… lo!.. behold!… I get no magical results…but it does what a conditioner is supposed to do!

Simply put, this is Pantene’s regular conditioner in fancy tub that produces the same results like a conditioner should do… nothing gr8! Just de-tangles the hair, makes it manageable… there it ends!

No intensive treatment! No fullness! Maybe a little life….

Its a decent hair conditioner, but a pathetic hair mask. (should I rather call it one?)

I’m pissed off with this gimmick.. not buying anything Pantene again!

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Your thoughts here...