The Body Shop Rainforest VOLUME Shampoo

Hey all..Its Day Two of our Haircare Week.

Here is another product review for you.

This time the product under lens is – The Body Shop Rainforest VOLUME Shampoo.

I picked this round about a year ago… since then prices have been hiked too!

Price: INR 595 then.. around INR 750 now (for 200 ml)

Shelf life: 3 years.


The shampoo comes in a brown plastic container with a flip-open cap. The cap ain’t sturdy, so not travel-friendly.

The dark brown tint of the container also makes it tough to see how much is left inside – you should view it in bright sunlight to get a glimpse.

What the product claims:

The way I see it:

I bought this shampoo looking for what the shampoo actually had to offer – VOLUME.

I have an oily scalp with thin hair, that screams for consistency..umm.. a little bounce too!

This product being SLS/SLES & paraben free caught my fancy. .since I was under the impression that chemical residue in the scalp is the reason for my oily scalp & hairfall too.

Did it work?? I am getting into that part…No more boring stories about my hair 😀

The shampoo is runny in consistency.. transparent brown to look at.. and smells of some odd jungle berry (must be from the same rainforest!)

The product lathers decently.. not those creamy,bubbly foam you get in other SLS-based shampoos.

No matter you oil your hair or not – I felt one needs to run this shampoo twice to get rid of oil from the scalp… this could be an issue since I already had an oily scalp.

Did it add volume? NAY!!

It made my hair frizzy, dry & irritating every time I used it.. I prepared myself to bare all this since I was transitioning from SLS/SLES-based products to non-SLS ones!

I used this in conjunction with the conditioner from the same range – more about the conditioner in another post!

The shampoo even with twice a time usage, didn’t manage to remove all the dirt from the scalp… Sucks!

Overall, I hate this shampoo.. the worst I have ever purchased…didn’t do anything as expected! 🙁

There’s a little more left in the bottle.. hopefully I finish it soon… 🙂

Patanjali Kesh Kanti was 1000 times better than this one.. at about 1/17 of the price! 🙂

I know there are many who swear by the TBS Rainforest range.. to me its nothing but a dud.. a big one at that!

I am never gonna purchase another Rainforest range product!

Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...