God’s Own Store Clean On Organic Nail Paint Remover Blend

Today I shall be introducing a wonderful alternative to our usual nail paint remover liquids and pads.Its the Clean On Organic Nail Paint Remover Blend from God’s Own Store.


God’s Own Store is a brand that wants to redefine personal wellness through products based on aromatherapy and plant micro cellulopathy.

They believe nature and plant essential oils have the potential to heal everything and do everything when used in the right way.

One such amazing, completely out-of-the-box product they have come up with is the CLEAN ON Organic Nail Paint Remover Blend.


PRICE – INR 195 for 10 ml
Clean On is a unique product that helps keeps nails clean and healthy naturally. It is free from cancer causing acetone and uses natural oils to keep nails in the pink of health.
Useful for all ages, this unique blend of essential oils helps remove nail paint and helps maintain stain free nails.
HOW TO USE – Apply 1-2 drops on cotton and rub on nails.





First sorry for the blurred labels – some spilled nail paint remover on my fingers smeared on the label and got it blurred.Clean On Blend comes in a test tube like container with a flip-open lid. One can see through the container to know how much product is left out. Its so handy to travel with and spill-proof too.

The product being a fine mix of essential oils of Clove, Lemon, Lavender, Tea Tree & Cedarwood – smells amazing just when you flip open its lid.

Unlike conventional nail paint removers, with Clean On Blend only little product is required for each use. Also I see that it doesn’t evaporate like crazy unlike other nail paint removers when on the cotton pad.

It is effective at its job and takes a wee bit of more time to remove glitter nail paints, which is the case with most other nail enamels too.

The nails and the skin around don’t feel dried up after using this product nor does it leave back any residue unlike chemical-based nail paint removers.

The fragrance is not overpowering inspite of having some big names in the blend and I love the lemony fragrance.

It might appear pricey, but its well worth it for some nail wellness 🙂

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