Gia Bath & Body Works Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 UVA/UVB Sun Protection

I had earlier reviewed Gia Bath & Body Works Whipped Creme Soap in the blog and today shall be posting about the brand’s Daily Moisturizer with UVA/UVB Sun Protection.Gia Bath & Body Works is an exquisite handcrafted Indian soap-brand that has diversified into a lot of other personal care products, designed & crafted by the multi-talented Gayatri Brown.



PRICE – INR 350 for 50 ml

INGREDIENTS – Made with Shea butter and fine skin loving oils of Argan & Jojoba.


Comes in a convenient see-through container with a pump dispenser. Handy, spill-proof and travel-friendly.


The moisturizer is a creamy-lotion and glides into the skin easily without being greasy or sticky.

My dry skin loves the deep hydration it offers and lasts good for the whole day until I re-apply some more in the night.

The fragrance is mild and soothing and everyone would like it. Sensitive noses need not bother too.

The size and packaging are perfect to fit into even a clutch and there are many a time when I haven’t had the time to apply some body lotion before stepping out of the house. I toss this product into my bag and apply it in the car or in the washroom section.

If used twice daily, 50 ml. of this product lasts a month easily since you need very little for each use. The product spreads easily on the skin and gets drunk up next moment.

There is no mention of how much sun protection it offers, but I haven’t see any tanning when I have used this body lotion and stepped out of the house.

This can be a great alternative to one’s daily body lotion + sunscreen regime, since you get the benefits of both in one.

Inspite of offering sun protection it doesn’t leave a whitecast on the skin.




Overall a very good moisturizer combined with the goodness of sun protection that comes in a very travel-friendly, hygienic packaging loaded with the best quality natural ingredients devoid of harmful preservatives too.

Update: The sun protection offered by this moisturizer is SPF 30, making it ideal for all day wear.

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