Gardner Street Premium Whole Leaf Green Teas – The best money can buy!

I have been an ardent green tea drinker for years now – at least once a day! I tend to miss it as the last drink of the day at night quite frequently, thanks to a full tummy most of the times 😀

I have tried various green tea brands both from India and abroad – even the creme de la creme from China, both plain and flavor infused and have had my fair share of favorites too! All until I tried Gardner Street that bowled me over.

This is not a sponsored/compensated post in any manner by any brand/PR, for some heads up!


Gardner Street is the brainchild of a young Indian woman entrepreneur, Rashi Sanghvi who took it upon her to introduce various interesting flavored tea combinations to the Indian crowd and abroad too from her travel and food expeditions in Boston (USA) and Turkey. In fact, the brand is named after the street in Boston from where probably this all started!


I primarily love flavor infused green teas to keep the ritual exciting, though it can be less nutritious than the original.

When I chanced upon an article on green tea bags, it served as an eye opener for me, which led to the search of better quality and packaging and ultimately – Gardner Street!


Not just green tea, any tea bag for that matter is made of paper that is severely bleached to become porous and get that whiteness.

The semi-opaque sachets hide the contents and their quality, so you never really know what you are drinking! The tea leaves used could be of sub-par quality or sometimes just green tea dust. You are definitely not getting all the catechins and antioxidants you were looking for, this way.

The new fad in the market is flavored/infused green tea with exciting variants to grab – but many of them taste quite artificial when you actually take a sip.

All these above factors can lead to unwanted ingredients getting into your system in the name of healthy green tea!


To start with, they come in amazing variants – Berries, Flowers, Mint, etc.

I love the tin packaging with vibrant colors that add to the cozy factor for me, than ripping off cartons or outer sachets.

What made me go in awe of Gardner Street is the fact that they use premium whole leaf green tea! And how do I know that? Because you can simply see through the sachet the tea comes packed in!

Yes, Gardner Street teas are all packed in silken sachets that are thin and see-through. No bleaches involved, no harmful or cheap ingredients added that get caught by your eye!

The flavors are all natural products like rose and hibiscus flower petals, cinnamon bits, mint whole leaves, etc.

Flavors are not infused into the green tea leaves unlike other brands but are individual ingredients that tag along with tea in every sachet – wholesome goodness from each of them guaranteed!

Whole leaf green tea is full of antioxidants and EGCG. EGCG short for Epigallocatechin gallate, familiarly known as catechins are found in teas, more so abundantly in green tea. This is the primary health contributor from green tea that helps to reduce cholesterol, boost metabolism and various other health benefits.

One sip of Gardner Street tea will tell you all about the quality and flavors you paid for!

I picked 4 variants from them –

FLOWER POWER – Green Tea with Rose & Hibiscus

Ingredients – Whole leaf Green Tea, Dried rose and hibiscus petals

Benefit – Immunity Booster

Caffeine – Yes

My most favorite of the lot! Love the sweet taste of rose that hits the mouth and astrictive flavor (tartness) of hibiscus as an aftertaste.

I love florals even in my tea and rose has to be my signature variant in anything! I had to buy this tea simply and I am so glad I did. Everyone in the house particularly love this variant! You will become a convert to green tea even if you are not one, after you try a cup of this.

GLOW – Green Tea with Hibiscus & Marigold

Ingredients – Green tea, Hibiscus & Marigold leaves

Benefits – Clear skin and healthy hair

Caffeine – Yes

Gardner Street calls this the “Elixir of Youth”. I like this but kind of get a melon-y flavor from this variant, not sure why. A little sweet to my taste, this is no doubt a refreshing drink.

MOROCCAN MINT – Black tea with Mint & Cinnamon

Ingredients – Black tea, Cinnamon, Chicory, Liquorice, Spearmint leaves, Orange peel, Safflower petals

Benefit – Improves digestion

Caffeine – Yes

My second favorite of the lot! I have quit coffee for sometime now and this compensates for me on days I miss some freshly brewed coffee! The chicory and black tea concoction make for a good espresso replacement and mint flavor peps me up with the sweetness from cinnamon. Overall a great cocktail from Gardner Street – something I have never found anywhere else before!

DETOX – Green tea with Lemongrass and Ginger

Ingredients – Green tea, Lemongrass and ginger pieces

Benefits – Anti-bloating, Diuretic & improves digestion

Caffeine – Yes

This is a spicy drink with zesty lemongrass and ginger. Perfect after a heavy meal or a tiring day at work to pep up your spirits. Though this a common variant and available in other brands, this is particularly very fresh owing to the bits of lemongrass and ginger and not just flavor.

Here is a glass of freshly brewed GLOW. I liked these teas cold brewed too – makes for some great iced teas!

Overall, I am so glad I tried Gardner Street teas – the best I have ever tried! I am loving all the variants I picked and definitely picking more back in India.

Each of these variant is priced at INR 450 for a box of tea containing 20 sachets each.

I tried Kashmiri Kahwa in a wedding and there is no looking back from its luxurious, nutty flavors. I want to try that too from Gardner Street.

They also stock South African Roobois and tea accessories apart from assorted tea gift sets in all budgets.

Highly recommend trying atleast one variant of Gardner Street tea for you to understand why I am heaping praises on the brand.

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