Fitness First – Freestyle Training (PR Info)

PR Info: Fitness First – Freestyle Training!

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Sharing with you details on Fitness First club and their latest initiative “Freestyle Training” in this post.

What is Fitness First?


Fitness First is the largest gym, health and
fitness club group in the world with more than 1.5 million Fitness First
members in over 550 clubs worldwide.
Their motto is not just to help
people lose weight, but to enhance living standards of people by making
them fitter. They have experienced and professional Personal Trainers to
help and motivate you!
With a proven track record of success – 18
countries, over 500 clubs, 1.4 million members, Fitness First has
launched a freestyle training in their Bangalore clubs from 15th May 2012.
Presently they have clubs in Delhi & Bangalore in India.
About Fitness First – Freestyle training

The freestyle training program revolves around their
philosophy of a well balanced exercise regimen.

Their freestyle training
zone is also home to the fitness timetable sessions that are 25 minute
sessions designed to give members a taste of freestyle training.


What is Freestyle Movement?
  •  Use bands and cables to facilitate increased efficiency and range of movement with clients
    – An integral part of most strength training programs that will help
    you work all the 3 planes of motion to achieve maximum functional
  • MED BALL – Increase power in your day to day movement with one of the oldest forms of strength and conditioning training
  •  CORE WORKOUT – Train the muscles of the core to help correct postural imbalances for a stronger and injury-free life

Their freestyle movement exercise also involves:

  • Warm up-Mirror drill
  • Prone Bridge
  • Medicine Ball Lunge with Crossover Step
  • One-Arm Kettle bell Jerk
  • Lateral Step Side Bend Dumbell Press
  • Rope Cable Saw
  • Suspended oblique crunch
  • TRX-Roll out
  • TRX-Plank
Do visit your nearest Fitness First club and try the Freestyle training if you are based out of Delhi/Bangalore.
Kindly contact me if you want to get more information on Fitness First. You can email me at:

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