Feng-Shui for your Bedroom

Hey people..I was going through a magazine over weekend and happened to stumble upon this article on ‘Feng-Shui for your Bedroom’.

For all who are new to what it is, Feng Shui can be termed as ‘Chinese Vaastu’.

Indian Vaastu Shastra emphasizes more on how the construction of one’s house should be whereas Chinese Feng Shui concentrates on what & where do you need to keep certain things to make the best out of their presence in your home.

Let me admit that I am no believer in either of these practices, but have always been interested in knowing the logic behind each action as per these beliefs.

I personally see, Feng Shui as an ‘art of arranging things’… so why not try it out & keep my home organized with cute artefacts..

Here is what Feng Shui has to say about your bedroom space..  I have tried to put if for you pictorially..

Let me explain the above picture..

Imagine your bedroom as one big square..mark down the same in a piece of paper.

Now divide your room into 3×3 cubes or squares.. so that you end up having 9 squares out of your entire room.

Now each square in this diagram, refers to a specific energy in life.

Feng Shui denotes that the ideal entrance for your bedroom is from the bottom left square of the room.

Editor’s Note: The good thing here in Feng Shui is not emphasizing on the direction where your bedroom or its entrance should be. Mark the entrance in the diagram, and start identifying squares accordingly.

Here is a list of things what Feng Shui mentions, that will work best when kept in each square inside your bedroom – to balance ying-yang and increase positive energy in your personal space.

Knowledge: Bookcase, books, tools for self-development.

Career: Mirrors or water-related items, images to support your career goals.

Helpful People/Travel: Pictures of your helpers.

Family/Health: Family photos, heirlooms, plants.

Creativity/Children: Art supplies, artwork, computer.

Wealth: Money, jewelry, fish, fountains, anything red, purple or gold.

Fame/Reputation: Candles, awards, plants, anything red, orange or purple.

Relationships/Romance: Round or oval mirrors, anything pink, pictures of loved ones, paired objects (like two candlesticks or two crystals).

Here is another picture related to the same that I found on the web –
I am so excited about this arrangement more from an organization perspective rather than a belief point of view.
I need to get (read shopping) or re-arrange certain things as per the above fitment though! 🙂
So are you ready to re-arrange your bedroom per Feng Shui?

Editor’s Note: I have got this new found love & interest in Feng Shui after reading so many articles on the same in the web. I am gonna try reading or practising few stuffs accordingly & post about the same here. Hope you all like it.[Image courtesy – Google]


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