Feb’13 Vellvette Box

Good evening all…I received my Vellvette Box for this month, just a few minutes back.

Posting it here, before every one does & it gets monotonous! 😛

Yeah… You guessed it right! I too received similar (should I call same?) products as couple of other bloggers who had posted theirs….

Well… Vellvette wrapped the box in a red ribbon with hearts to mark the month of ‘Valentine’.

They also threw in a heart-shaped fridge magnet..


Here’s a note from the Vellvette crew –

Ok now let’s get into the subject matter… the products that I received! 🙂

1. Figs & Rouge Aloe and Mint Balm

The balm’s got a nice minty smell – apt for the coming summer months.

2. Purely Pro Blush – Universal

This is a nice pink blush with some finely milled gold shimmer, but not any extraordinary color.

3. Ofra Essential Toner

The claim is that this brand is the most sought-after by Hollywood beauties. But I am not excited to get this one, since this product is not specific to my skin type.

Wish Vellvette crew threw a glance to the profile I had submitted with them 🙁

Vellvette also started sending in offer coupons since last time, redeemable against purchases you make in their site.

Overall, I have mixed feelings for this month’s box – excited to try some totally new products (never had of them before!!) & upset that the crew sent me something that is not for my skin type.

Also, the feeling is Vellvette is making its boxes quite predictable – same products being sent to every subscriber (like the Nyassa Belgian Chocolate Scrub last month).

This is killing the enthusiasm all over! 🙁

Did your Vellvette box reach you gals? What were the products in it?


Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...