Feather & Bone Co. “Face Gems” Face Wash Tablets

Office work is getting a little better and internet is back in speed – so I am on a review spree! :DThis post is on an innovative yet natural skincare product I chanced upon from a US-based brand – Feather & Bone Co.

This brand is into skincare products made out of natural ingredients that have their roots deep into the Indian Ayurveda texts.


Face Gems are face wash/facial cleanser tablets that contain all-natural Ayurvedic ingredients minus any harmful chemicals or preservatives.

PRICE – USD 60 for 15 tablets


Image Source – Feather & Bone Co.
Image Source – Feather & Bone Co.


Image Source – Feather & Bone Co.


Each face gem comes packed in an individual tablet cover, making it handy for each use without any contamination or hygiene issues.

At the same time, these are great for travel too – no more carrying big tubes of a face wash along!


I received three tablets from the brand as samples which I used for 3 days continuously.

The fragrance is a natural sandalwood with earthy tones – which calms down my morning stress of having to manage home, work and the kid!

I take the tablet in my palm and pour few drops of water over it and the tablet kind of raises like a sponge tower. This when I crush it and it becomes a smooth, non-gritty paste. I add more water if required before I start applying to my face and do a small massaging act.

I leave this cleanser on my face and proceed with my shower before I wash off my face. By then the cleanser semi-dries on my face after having got some time to work on my skin too.

I felt it to be too convenient for a face wash and did not face any acne or breakouts with its usage. My skin felt fresh & clean. Also the sandalwood aroma that lingered around for a while feels calming.

Being a unisex product – your husband/brother or dad can give it a shot too!





It is definitely pricey, but all natural ingredients with zero chemicals/preservatives that includes pure sandalwood comes at a price!

Feather & Bone Co. Face Gems Face Wash tablets ship free in the USA and worldwide shipping at nominal fees.

Official brand website – Feather & Bone Co.

Worth the price – unique concept – unisex – awesome product!

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