Forest Essentials Indian Rose Absolute Hair Cleanser

Review by Christina.Hey all,

Ayurveda, homeopathy, natural ingredients and essential oils are in big demand by people all over the world  these days. There is tremendous awareness of synthetic and harmful chemical ingredients as well as ingredients that are sourced cruelly from animals.

Forest Essentials is one such cosmetics company that uses Ayurveda as its base. They seem to be doing very well & is quite raved these days.
The attractive packaging, expensive prices and uber-stylish stores have all added to the glamour of this brand… :p
I myself have tried a few products from this brand like their – Bhringraj Oil, Face Wash, Body Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner. Some are very good and some are pathetic.
The product that I am reviewing today – ‘Forest Essentials Indian Rose Absolute Hair Cleanser’ is one of their good products.
Price: INR 680 for 200 ml.
What the product claims:
The way I see it:
I have been using L’oreal Salon range of
shampoos for the longest time and it made my scalp dry and hair lifeless.
No doubt the product was expensive and from a brand like L’oreal – but unfortunately it did not suit me.
I figured like everyone else, that I had to switch over to a shampoo
without SLS.
It was then that I tried a
sample size of this shampoo (INR 195 for 50 ml), before switching to the full sized Indian Rose Absolute Hair Cleanser.  
Now, the shampoo comes in a very attractive
transparent bottle with a gold colored cap.
It has a plastic stopper inside with a nozzle to let out decent amount of product each time.
The consistency of the product is not runny but semi thick and smells
fabulous. Pure rose.
It is strong to sniff at – but while you use it is not so strong and nor does it have a lingering smell.
Because it does not lather, you have to use it in a different way.  I normally put a cap full into say 50 ml of
water, mix & pour over my head.  It gives a fair lather and you will feel
satisfied if you are a lather-lover.
The above quantity is enough for my shoulder length hair.
If you have thick hair that is longer too, then you will go through the bottle in less than 10 uses.
If I use oil on my hair then I will have to
use the prescribed quantity twice or thrice over – to get all the oil off for a
squeaky clean feel!
It has helped me tremendously with my
dandruff and dry hair.
Even if I do not
use a conditioner my hair is nice and soft.
If you have scalp problems or eczema, I would encourage you to
give this product a try.
Out of their
many duds, this one is definitely a stud!
The ‘Yay’ factors:
  • ‘Desi’ brand
  • Ayurvedic ingredients
  • Minimal chemicals
  • No SLS
  • Helped me tremendously with my scalp conditions
  • Causes no hairfall
  • Can do without a conditioner after usage
  • Can be used on little ones too
  • Pretty packaging
  • Cleanses well
  • Lovely fragrance
  • Travel friendly bottle
The ‘Nay’ factors:
  • Not economical for those with long hair
  • Pricey
  • Available only in their flagship stores in select Indian cities (now in Jabong too!)
I would give this shampoo a 4.5/5. It could have got 5/5 from me if not for the expensive price for 200 ml.
It is super good for scalp conditions and mild for kids to use as well.
It is a shampoo that I will buy over and over again.
HnB Ed – Lovely pics Chris..I am loving the one beneath the tree the most! 🙂 I have been wanting to try a range of FE products since long, particularly their hair care range… since I too have switched to SLS-free shampoos to save whatever hair is left on my scalp :p This one is high on my list plus its got ROSES! 

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