forest essentials eladi teenage day cream spf30

Forest Essentials Eladi Teenage Day Cream SPF30

I love almost all Forest Essentials products I have tried so far. When I saw the new Forest Essentials Eladi Teenage Day Cream SPF30 few months back as a new launch at their outlet, I tried a sample and fell in love with the fragrance.

I immediately decided to try this out and picked both the Forest Essentials Eladi Teenage Day Cream SPF30 and the night cream that got launched with it – Forest Essentials Kumkumadi Teenage Night Cream.

forest essentials eladi teenage day cream spf30

In this post, I shall be talking about the day cream and soon shall have the review on the night cream up as well.


Well, this product says its a teenage cream but it is not supposedly only for teenagers! Its a great start for teenagers at a young age though, with some luxurious natural products, a sunscreen-cum-moisturizer routine to keep up for the years to come.


According to the Kashyap Samhita, an ancient scripture of Ayurveda, a woman is known as Yuwati from 13 years onwards. Eladikeram day cream with SPF 30 is enriched with Mukta Pishti specially designed to regulate sebum production, balance and hydrate the skin while protecting it from environmental damage. The precious Keshi or Petal pearls are hand pounded to the right consistency with pure Rosewater to create the Mukta Pishti, which is then infused with powerful Ayurvedic preparations including Eladikeram, Rajat (Silver) Bhasma and Yasad (Zinc) Bhasma which help to clear blemishes and unclog pores to give a flawless glowing skin.


Forest Essentials tagline is “Luxurious Ayurveda” and it resembles in its packaging. There is not one product packaging that I don’t like from this brand – always classy and functional.

This cream is no exception. Comes in the standard tub with a golden outer lid, signature of the brand. There is an inner lid to prevent the product from getting messy during travel.

The outer carton is so beautiful, that I have it up on my dresser upcycled to hold some trinkets and perfume vials. Its totally a beauty with flower and butterfly prints, that I admire each day.

I wish all their products came default with a spatula instead of having to ask for personally at the stores. This can be an issue when you buy online. At the stores, they are always happy to handover couple of traditional wooden spoons to scoop out FE products for use.

forest essentials eladi teenage day cream spf30

forest essentials eladi teenage day cream spf30

forest essentials eladi teenage day cream spf30


The consistency of the product is like whipped cream – light and airy. It has pistachio green color to it owing to green cardamom extracts in it.

The fragrance of the cream is outstanding! Has a very natural, soothing, in fact divine cardamom + botanical smell to it. For someone, who personally doesn’t like much of cardamom in food or fragrance, I really liked it at first sniff and use at the stores and continue to love it every time I use.

It spreads easily and gets absorbed in a jiffy too, leaving a mild cardamom smell that lingers for few minutes to soothe your senses.

It has SPF30 which is good enough if you are into layering SPF-laden products like me. I always look for little SPF protection in each of my products, so that I don’t have to use heavy-duty sunscreens that give a white cast.

I would still recommend using a good sunblock/sunscreen over this cream, since we do not know its PA protection value. Also a little more sunscreen never hurts!

Its great under makeup, doesn’t leave any greasy residue or makes the face look oily. The skin feels as if it has been just watered whenever I use this and gets a nice subtle glow from within immediately. With continuous use, the glow is only here to stay!

Its so light that it didn’t give me any breakouts, in spite of using a little more product than my usual (reason below!). This could be an ideal product for combination-oily skinned beauties of any age.

forest essentials eladi teenage day cream spf30

forest essentials eladi teenage day cream spf30

forest essentials eladi teenage day cream spf30

forest essentials eladi teenage day cream spf30

Alright! If it has all these benefits that it suits someone in their early 30s, then why call it a “Teenage Day Cream”? This must be the question hovering on your mind.. I get that!

Below are few factors why I think probably Forest Essentials called it out specifically as a teenage product –

  • The cream is very lightweight and is moisturizing as I said before. But it is not enough moisturizing for someone of my age, that too with normal-dry skin. I always see that I use a little more of this product than other day creams to get enough moisturization out of this.

This is because teenage skin is fresh and young and has its own good supply of collagen and hyaluronic acid to keep skin moisturized and plump, that it needs minimal external attention to replenish it, unlike mine.

  • A airy cream with natural extracts is a great start to teenage skin that is adjusting to hormonal changes and external pollution and is just kicking off a beauty regime. Its also a good start with combined sunscreen factors.
  • From a marketing startegy point of view, there are a lot of moms out there who love Forest Essential products whose queries for products suitable for their young girls could have resulted in this launch.

It in a way helps the brand build a base of young loyal customers who will continue to try and recommend Forest Essentials product even after they have outgrown their teenage years.

All this said and done, Forest Essentials Eladi Teenage Day Cream SPF30 is definitely a great product and one tub lasts about 2 months with daily use. It smells & feels great, has some of the best ingredients and is based on ayurvedic principles.

For someone with normal-dry skin, I tend to use a little extra product than usual with this cream as mentioned before, that is the only peeve I have about this product.

PRICE – INR 1850

AVAILABILITYForest Essentials, Nykaa

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