Fabindia Aloe Vera Soothing Gel – Review!

Helloooo frens..Another review for the day – a product from the house of Fabindia!

It is the Fabindia Aloe Vera Soothing Gel that I am gonna talk about in this post..

Price: INR 175 for 120 ml.

Ingredients: Purified water, Aloe vera powder.

Shelf life: 18 months.


Sturdy white plastic tube with transparent flip-open lid.

Totally robust packaging and travel friendly. The nozzle is just about the right size to dispense decent amount of product.

Wish the entire tube was transparent to check out the gel is gonna get over! 🙁

What the product claims:

Our pure aloe-vera gel is a natural skin moisturiser with skin repair properties.

Suitable for most skin types, it aids soothing minor burns & wounds.

It also mentions – “Natural ingredients may cloud or separate, this does not affect the quality or efficacy of the product.”

The way I see it:

I have been hearing, reading and also know personally about all the goodness of this multi-purpose home garden shrub – Her Excellency The ALOE VERA!

My MIL has big earthern pots of aloe vera in her small, cute medicinal garden… shall get the pix of her garden next time I visit them..Whenever I am at the in-laws place, my MIL keeps suggesting me to apply the fresh sap from aloe vera and I never get a chance to escape… so caring she is! Truly..

She gave me a small sapling while I was starting back to my place and alas.. it withered away in some weeks!

I had to buy one from the market now.. since by this time I was totally used to aloe and seen the effects of this magic herb!

I picked one from Fabindia so that this gel would be as close to natural as possible.. and I am not disappointed I must say..

This is now my goto all-purpose gel.. be it for a quick massage after cleansing, or a mosquito/insect bite, or as a moisturizer post a face pack session, etc, etc.

I also mix this gel with oatmeal powder as a DIY Gel Scrub & also with neem & tulsi powder for a hommade hair pack.. the results have been awesome!

It is transparent to look at, gives a cooling and slightly tightening effect upon application.. I dont like using chemical-loaded creams after having a face pack/mask.. and usually apply this gel instead.. I totally adore the glow it gives!

One night I had scratched myself badly while sleeping.. thanks to power cut & mosquitoes! I regularly applied this gel for say 2-3 days.. all those scratches heeled quicker & no marks too… Yippee!

Mr. Husband also asks for this for any rashes he gets these days..

But the big putoff would be how the product smells.. it smells close to the natural, fresh aloe gel.. strange odour which can be classified something as in between medicinal, pungent & strange odour.

It doesn’t last long though & vanishes in minutes.. saving you! 🙂

Yes.. it is pricey for an aloe vera gel with so many other brands offering at pocket-friendly prices..

Overall, a gr8 product – a close-to-nature, all-purpose aloe vera gel and I believe every home should have aloe vera gel in their house for multiple purposes.

The ‘Yes’ factors:

  • Robust tube packaging
  • Close-to-natural aloe gel
  • No animal testing
  • Great moisturizer
  • Works on insect bites too

The ‘Nay’ factors:

  • The tube could have been transparent
  • Preservative used is not mentioned

HnB rating: 5/5

Repurchase? – I want to do a round-up of other aloe-vera gels in the market before I settle on one.. but yes this one has made a mark.. would love to pick it!

Recommend? – Pick it up.. not bothering about the price!


Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...