exuviance bionic oxygen facial mask review

Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial Mask Review

I am someone who is very regular with my face masks routine. I travel a lot, am stressed at work and drive through pollution in the city – all of which impact my skin a lot on a daily basis and face masks are one product that help my skin recuperate from deep within. Exuviance was one brand I always wanted to try and what a way to kick that off with their iconic Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial Mask.

exuviance bionic oxygen facial mask review

The product comes packaged in a tall, sleek container with a pump dispenser. This ensures that the product stays fresh, hygienic and gets activated only when taken out for use.

It looks classy on the dresser and doesn’t break when accidentally knocked off too. The pump also dispenses only enough product with each press, so that you are not wasting any.


The face mask is of light blue color, same as the packaging and is a fine cream. Its light weight and applies as an even thin layer on the skin easily. It goes almost translucent on the skin.

exuviance bionic oxygen facial mask review

Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial Mask is the brand’s take on the famous Korean bubble masks that bubble and deep cleanse the skin delivering nutrients deep inside.

The magic of the mask starts in a minute or so after it comes in contact with the surrounding air. It starts like a light foam and bubbles up quickly on the skin. It has a slight ticklish feeling when it bubbles up which is actually fun. It actually looks like you have sea foam on your skin.

This mask as it foams – cleanses the skin, clears the pores and enables oxygen delivery to the skin. Its helping blood circulation on the skin to flush out toxins and makes it look fresh and supple.

After about 10 minutes or so, once the last bit of mask you applied on the skin has foamed up, the mask starts to pop off. The bubbles burst in the same order from where they started off initially foaming and it feels so much fun to feel them pop on the skin.

I wait for the whole facial to pop off. At this point, the skin is left looking like you had applied some oil on it. Time to wash off!

I wash off the mask with running cold water directly and it easily goes away. No slimy feeling or sticky residue left behind. I follow up as usual with my regular skincare routine.

The skin looks fresh, plumped up, supple and glowing every time after masking. I don’t see any visible brightening effect as such, but the mask scores 100% on the hydration front. My facial pores kind of appear a little smaller too with deep cleansing from the mask.

I also feel that the skincare products I layer after the mask, go on like a dream on the skin and absorb much better than a regular day without masking. It feels like a 10 minute facial at home with the results you get to see!

For some reason, I have always tried this mask only in the night time – probably because that bubbling up and popping off feels comforting before hitting the bed. I also don’t want to immediately expose my skin to dirt and grime after some sort of a facial detox with this.

Nevertheless its great for a morning facial too and I would strictly recommend to use appropriate sun protection, whatever skin care regime you may follow.

exuviance bionic oxygen facial mask review

exuviance bionic oxygen facial mask review

O3+ Derma Fresh Mask

At this moment, while keying in this post, I have the Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial Mask on my skin – so everything I write here is from pure experience – current & over the past months! Its a huge bottle per say and travel friendly too. The brand suggests to use this mask once a week and with this I see it lasting months!

PRICE – $65

AVAILABILITY – NeostrataUlta (Both online & stores)

I highly recommend trying the Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial Mask, if you haven’t yet. Being my first Exuviance product, I am so impressed and can’t wait to try more from this brand.

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