Even I can do an ’empties’ post… :D (July/Aug Empties)

Hey everyone..I had earlier mentioned once, that I can never do an empties post in my blog.. since I love chucking out empty containers & tubes – THEN & THERE.

The sight of throwing a finished one into the bin, peeping at the bin time & again (yeah..u can call me crazy!) to wink at the squeezed tube & dead container.. gives me immense satisfaction.

“The very meaning & motto of life achieved” sorts! 😀

I quite well remember reading the first-ever empties post in Shouri’s blog. I just don’t afford to miss her “new month, first day” haul posts & “empties” post ever! 😀

So, lemme just simply say I got inspired by Shouri 🙂


1. Olay Regenerist Microsclupting Serum – Just an okie-dokie product for me. I liked how it made my skin so-smooth but did nothing else. You can read the full review HERE.

Repurchase: Nay!

2. Jergens Age Defying Body Lotion – I got this huuuugge bottle a little more than a year ago. Its a good moisturizer with a little boring fragrance. Never really got interested to review this product.. glad that I finished it off atleast now.

Repurchase: Nay!

3. Forest Essentials Sugared Rose Lip Balm – I love anything roses & no doubt loved using this lip balm. Above all, the pretty packaging is a big hit with me.. though I haven’t decided yet on repurchasing this! Read the full review HERE.

Repurchase: Undecided!

4. Lush Aquamarina Cleanser – I received a sample of this in one of my Vellvette boxes. Renji too handed over hers to me. I really liked this cleanser a lot.. its worthy of a HG cleanser for summers! Full review coming up soon, though I emptied both sample sizes already 😀

Repurchase: Pucca – in the summers!

5. Oriflame Pure Nature Organic Blueberry & Lavender Toner – This has been reviewed long back in the blog HERE. I have the same fervour for blueberries like roses! The one I emptied this month is my second bottle. I might repurchase this again if I don’t find anything else worthy enough… and yeah its free from alcohol.

Repurchase: Pucca – if don’t lay my hands on any other good toner!

6. Avon Scentini Rose Fizz Eau de Toilette – I think I just drank this up… Expected it to smell of roses, but it was more of a tangy, citrusy one. No issues – I like citrus fragrances too! (See how big a range my nose has!). Read the full review HERE.

Repurchase: Not for now atleast – Got a good number of other perfumes to finish off!

7. TBS Rainforest Volume Shampoo – One disaster of a product for me, to simply put it! Read the full review HERE.

Repurchase: Never!!!

8. Colorbar Ultimate Nail Polish Remover – I had raved about this in my review HERE. But somehow feel this to be the reason for my nail peeling. So actually chucking this out!

Repurchase: May not!

9. Wunder Eye Cream – Recco’d by my derma, this cream worked quite well. You can check out the full review HERE.

Repurchase: Not now – trying some new eye creams 🙂

10. Just Herbs Eye Care Kit – You must all be already aware of the disaster this kit proved out to be. I had ranted enough on this HERE. I just chucked out this kit into the bin… but I seriously had high hopes from it!

Repurchase: Really???

11. SK II Cleansing Gel – Got this in my August’13 Vellvette Box.I just flinged it out of my bathroom window right after the first use.. More details coming up soon in a separate post. Gotta rant you know!! 😀

Repurchase: Forget about it – I am better off without SK II products in my closet!

12. Parachute Scalp Therapie Oil – This was another okie-dokie product. It did help control hairfall a bit, but the strong fragrance of this oil was a big NO for me! I somehow managed to overlook it everytime & finish this up over a span of a year.

Repurchase – Nay!

Overall I finished up a DOZEN products this month… a DOZEN! Yayyy!! 😀

The motivation to do this ‘AUGUST EMPTIES’ post came from what all I emptied in July. See… I am a consistent “emptier”.. if tats wat you call one 😀


1. L’occitane Angelica Cleansing Gel – A gift from Renji! Liked the fresh grassy, botanical fragrance it had. Did not dry or stretch my skin out. A good product over all!

Repurchase: Undecided!

2. Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Cleanser – I just loved this shampoo.. everything about it! Read the full review HERE.

Repurchase: Absolutely – Just lazy to drop into the nearby Patanjali store though! 🙂

3. Shahnaz Hussain Gold Face Pack – I really don’t believe in pearl,gold or diamond in skincare products.. but my regular parlor-wali pushed me into trying a Shahnaz Gold Facial. Back at home, hubby was amazed at the glow I had on my face which lasted for a good 10 days!

Obviously I asked him to gift this face pack to me… it costs INR 1000 and is a thick golden gel. It lasted for about some 6-7 uses for me & was my go-to pack for special occasions. Sorry – no pics! I flinged it out immediately as a habit!

Repurchase: Sometime later!

4. Lotus WhiteGlow Yoghurt & Oatmeal Scrub – This was again a good product & loved using it. Something different from the usual walnut/apricot granules. Read full review HERE.

Repurchase: Undecided!

5. Prakriti Herbals Walnut Scrub – Another awesome scrub! Perfectly sized granules for some good scrubbing. Read the full review HERE.

Repurchase: Undecided again! 🙂

I am pushing myself to finish off more products in the coming months.. I am really happy so that I can indulge in some guilt-free shopping now.

I already have a target list of what all to empty by September.. Wish me luck! 😀

But the catch is most or all of them happen to be skincare/haircare stuff….  I find it so tough to finish off makeup products! Tips please…. 🙂

Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...