#EthicareRemedies UVMed Sunscreen Gel SPF 50 UVA++++

I live in Chennai which is a hot and humid city. So it is very important for me to include a sunscreen in my skincare regime which is effective to protect the skin and which doesn’t cause sweat. If the sunscreen is tinted its an extra benefit. When I got this UVMED Sunscreen gel to review I was very happy since it seemed to fulfil all my demands for a good sun screen.


PRICE – INR 310 for 50 ml
SHELF LIFE – 2 yrs.


  • Non Greasy Formula
      For Oily-Scne Prone Skin, Humid atmosphere

  • Double Waterproofing actives

      For better Water Resistance Action

  • Specially Developed formula

     Protects full range of UVR, i.e, UVB, UVA II and UVA I

  • Photo Stable Formula

     Prevents Degradation Due to UV Exposure

  • UV Protection Through All Three Actions

    Absorption, Scattering & Reflection

  • PABA Free, Fragrance Free, Oil Free, Hypo Allergenic


It comes in a gold and silver colored paper carton. The gel is safely packed inside a tube with a flip-open cap. The packing is hygienic and travel friendly. 


I love this sunscreen simply put! It is a thick tinted gel which blends well with the skin. It doesn’t leave any white cast. I noticed that once it is blended well, it goes invisible and mattifies completely. 

After a few hours my skin becomes oily but I have combination skin which is oily towards the eye and nose area. Otherwise, this sunscreen doesn’t cause any sweating like some other sun screen products which I have used in the past. 
Anyways I don’t find it very moisturizing so I feel that we cannot skip a moisturizer even if we use this product. It did not give me any skin problems or allergies.

It stays put for a long time but I am not sure whether the water resistant claim is right. Any how sunscreen products are to be reapplied when the skin is exposed to sun for a long time. It definitely protects the skin from sun but I don’t think it can prevent tanning. I have been told that no sun screen products do this task anyways. In short it is a good product which is good to be used by people living in hot and humid places. It is not completely fragrance free but the mild fragrance which it has, is pleasant.


· Attractive and travel friendly packing

· Gel based formula

· Doesn’t make the skin oily

· Mattifies and blends well on the skin

· Mild and pleasant fragrance

· Doesn’t contain parabens

· High SPF and sun protection factors

· Tinted gel which gives a glow to the skin without giving whitecast.


· I feel it is a bit on the pricier side

· Doesn’t moisturizes the skin


I think UMVED Suncscreen gel is a good product for people living in hot and humid places. I would like to purchase it again but I will be more satisfied with a similar sunscreen which can also moisturize the skin. I will give this rating 4/5

By Nisha Tiwari
PR Sample