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Hello to all you lovelies once again!I am back with another product review. Hair care again!

We all know how leave-in serums do a whole lot of good to dry and unmanageable hair and control the frizz for long hours. However, they have a tendency of weighing down hair which is already oily and fine.

As luck would have it my ‘glorious’ hair falls into the latter category. I have an oily scalp which makes my fine hair even limper if I do not shampoo every day. But the regular shampooing makes my hair strands crave for more moisture. I have tried other leave in conditioners in the market and they have all impressed me in some areas and failed in some others. I never really got “THE ONE” best suited to my hair type.
Do you think this one met my checklist? Read on! 🙂

– INR 171 for 50 ml


It comes in a clear plastic bottle with a flip-open cap.MY TAKE ON THE PRODUCT

The first thing which stood outstanding about the product, is the claim that it had UV filters! Don’t we all want a hair product that protects our tresses from the harsh sun? 😉 Finally I have one 😛

The second thing which caught my notice was that UNLIKE the other silicon-based leave-in hair serums available in the Indian market, the consistency of this one was rather thin and runny- almost water like. This pleased me a great deal because the thicker the serum, the thinner my hair looks :-/ You know, thicker serums make my hair limper! But with this beauty, this particular problem of mine was solved The runny serum moisturized my hair strands without weighing them down.The picture you see here is just a drop of the serum which has spread over my palm. So a little goes a long way! The fragrance is also not overpowering and is quite mild indeed. The serum is colorless.

Regarding the staying power and ability to control frizz, I cannot comment much because my hair is naturally a “well behaved baby”. But yes, it did moisturize the hair strands pretty well and there were no split ends even during the chilly winters of my hometown in Assam (I have been using this since December). Also, I am not sure how a serum applied on hair strands can “promote hair growth” (see the product claim)In a nutshell, I would rate this product 4/5 mainly because it is silicon-based and we have all read that using too much of silicon based products is not good for hair. Otherwise, this product is a TOTAL WINNER!


1. Light and does not weigh down hair

2. A little goes a long way

3. No overpowering smell


1. Availability might be an issue because I have not seen Ethicare Pharma products much around in the market. They are available online in their site.

2. No “promoting hair growth” as claimed

I would recommend this to all ladies who have my kind of hair type (oily scalp, fine hair) and as well as to ladies with dry and frizzy hair.

That’s all ladies!! Hope this helped 🙂

By Aparajita
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